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2010 British Touring Car Championship

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Bram, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Bram

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    The central BTCC 2010 thread for all your news, rumors, and race reports

  2. btcc10010601.jpg
    British Touring Car Championship team Tech-Speed/sunshine.co.uk will continue with Paul O'Neill behind the wheel of one of their Honda Integra's. The team will also continue with the old BTC specifications on their cars. "I'm just as excited as when things fell into place at the start of last season, only this time we can all go into the first round with a lot more experience," said team boss Chris Brown to BTCC.net.

    "We didn't get the cars until the end of February last year, whereas this time around we'll have had the winter break to work on them and prepare," said Brown.

    The team is aiming for a second car and possibly a third one. "With Paul on-board, we've of course got a driver who can offer a lot of experience and tuition. He'd be a perfect team-mate from that point of view."

    With a 3rd place at Snetterton as best result last season the team is hoping for more this time. "Of course it'd be nice to steal a win and Paul certainly has got what it takes to win. If we were to get a first win and it was with him then it would be pretty special."

  3. Awesome driver bit of a shame he wont be in a newer car but i personally think that if anyone can get that Integra back on the top spot, Paul can
  4. Calendar

    1. Thruxton : 4th April
    2. Rockingham : 25th April
    3. Brands Hatch (GP) : 2nd May
    4. Oulton Park : 6th June
    5. Croft : 20th June
    6. Snetterton : 8th August
    7. Silverstone : 22nd August
    8. Knockhill : 5th September
    9. Donington : 19th September
    10. Brands Hatch (Indy) : 10th October
  5. Bram

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    Beautiful, big respect for the BTCC for always getting such amazing cars on the grid! Privateers for the win!
  6. It is good to see another new car / team on the grid but would have been even more awesome if it was the newest shape Golf
  7. BMW

    Thats the potential list of car makes in BTCC this year, its amazing, the most since 1999 and yet no official manufacturer backing for any of them.

    Edit: Maybe Volvo if they decide to enter with the C30 like they've been rumoured to be doing.
  8. btcc10010901.jpg
    British tuning company AmD has announced their intent to take part in the British Touring Car Championship with a Volkswagen Golf.

    "We are really proud to be bringing the Volkswagen name back into top-line touring cars," said Shaun Hollamby of AmD at their webpage.

    "We have been working on a plan to move up to the BTCC arena after winning the Dunlop Sportmaxx Cup in 2009 and a BTCC VW Golf is a perfect fit," said Hollamby.

    Hollamby has previously driven some single seaters but most recently taken part in the Volkswagen Racing Cup.

    The Volkswagen Golf Hollamby is going to take part with is in S2000 specification, more or less.

    The car is powered with a two liter, naturally aspirated, four cylindered engine - the same engine used by Kristoffersson Motorsport in the Audi A4 of the Swedish Touring Car Championship. The car has been raced in Estonia and Finland previously.

    "Starting with a new car package, we expect 2010 to be a gradual development season but I am confident I can get a few competitive results.

    Winning races is not a realistic target at this stage but, having won races in every series in which I have competed, I would like to think I can hold my own at this level," said Hollamby.
  9. But I don't see the point in running the C30 because its only a 3 door so they're not eligible to win the championship!
  10. yes they are BTCC have an agreement that anything allowed to race/win the title in STCC is eligible to run in BTCC and that Golf that has been entered is 3 door and has also got special dispensation to race
  11. btcc10011402.jpg
    West Surrey Racing have unveiled a new design on their BMW 320si. The step down for RAC from title to co-sponsor is showing, to say the least. The previous all-orange color is long gone and replaced with the white and blue colors of Alvara.

    The new sponsor for the team, Alvara, is part of Ceravision, a company developing High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) technology and lighting.

    The final version of the livery of the team for the British Touring Car Championship 2010 season is not set yet and will most likely change from the one shown today.

  12. Boring BMW White, no doubt forsters and motorbases bmw's will also be white
  13. It looks horrible I must admit
  14. I think it looks sexy.
  15. btcc10011405.jpg
    Despite losing their title sponsor and running cars both in WTCC and ETCC West Surrey Racing might expand to a three cars in the British Touring Car Championship.

    "We've got three BMW 320si's and we proved in 2009 that we have the resources to run all three cars to the same competitive level." said team boss Dick Bennetts.

    At the moment their drivers are still a question mark. Neither reigning champion Colin Turkington nor Stephen Jelley are confirmed for 2010.

    "We'd very much like to retain Colin and Stephen; however we are talking to a number of other drivers for the third seat. We’re not just looking at drivers from 'tin tops' either, as Stephen has proved that you don't have to have this background to be a competitive touring car driver."
  16. It's grown on me the more I see it, however it's only a temporary livery by the sound of things.

    The blue and white are the Ceravision/ Alvara brand colours. Its only in those colours at the moment so that the car looked smart on the stand. If they get a title sponsor or a decent sized sponsor then the livery will change.

    I like it but as Rob says I imagine Motorbase and Forster will me mainly white as well. I think it would look menacing in the black and silver like WSR used on the MGs in 2004 if they don't get a title sponsor
  17. Gosh that looks nice Philip, and I bet it will look even nicer when the sponsor livery is slapped on it!
    2010 is definetly looking good in the number of different manufacturers potentially entering!

  18. Alan Gow has refused the entry of this car and said they havent even enquired about it anyway because the Punto is too short for NGTC and hatch backs are disallowed under the NGTC regs plus its too short for S2000 touring car regs aswell