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2010' BPM Booster R

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by AMGfan(BPM), Feb 24, 2010.

  1. I always loved the Booster but to be honest I dislike the facelift. I think it looks a bit like an angry frog. Maybe a higher quality frontlight texture or even 3d ones would improve the design.
  2. Thanks i will do retrofit headlights like it

  3. Greeeeat! I love this car, it's very powerful and handling it's awesome. Hope to see a new beast!! Thanks AMG!
  4. It looks like Lotus Evora from Hell

    Some of the changes I like, some I'm not so sure about. The lights, they look too painted-on.

    Regardless, the old one was great fun to thrash around any circuit. Will there be many physics changes for this one?
  5. Hi Fifty! how many time!! how are you man?

    yes, as stop!ng said, the headlights look a bit fake. So i am doing 3d headlight one! like the retrofit in japanese cars which i love (projector)

    i keep dont using cg-racer, so it will work on cg and non cg versions.

    backing on topic, yes, it will keep the funny and the great stability. it will have some update on stability and features a new engine. Maybe an Alluminium V8 40V without turbo.
  6. thanks mate, it will be as funniest to drive like the old one, i promise.
  7. Glad to see you back :) Car look's good but did you make a 3D front lights?
  8. Looking forward to it! The old model was a beast, reving to 12k rpms! eheh ^^
  9. Ok, new update.

    after some work, i got 3d headlights and retrofit :thumbup: now it look better. now gonna think what i will do in tail lights and rear bumper.

  10. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Niiiiice AMG. How about a 4 or 6 cylinder boxer engine? :p
  11. I loved this headlights,but....the front grill format isn't the best. lol. =D Beautifull anyway.
  12. KS, it will has a modern v8 engine, in alluminium, less weight, less lag. boxer i leave for porsches and subarus :D

    i modified the front grill again.. looks soft now.

    did the rear, took inspiration on lambos, but without big mods, its is just a face-lift. new vents in bumper, new tail lights, to be honest i liked very much. that old rear i dislike a bit, always thought strange.

    going to inside now.

  13. I liked the old rear but this brand new rear rocks (y).
  14. Classical caramel interior, or clear leather..

  15. Body finished, going to do the physics

  16. None of your images are showing up for me any more.
  17. sorry, what it means?:tongue:
  18. Just means my web connection is crap. It's all fine again now though.
  19. Wow, amazing how fast you've improved the car. Looks much better now. The back of the car is even better :) maybe a small bit too much Lambo in the rearlights, but I have to say, the facelift does it's job.

    BTW, I'm actually stopp!ng, but I prescribed when I registered...