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2009 Superbike World Championship

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Wido Rossen, Apr 28, 2007.

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  2. is it on telly ???
  3. I'll be watching never miss a race :) Super pole this afternoon then both races tomorrow plus supersports... all day on british eurosport...:)

    Here's a lap of assen from the new sbk 07 game....

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  4. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    cool! you have that game gsxr?
  5. No not yet i got it of their web site..... www.sbk07.com/

    It comes out on the 18th of may for the ps2, but i'll wait until it comes out on the PC which is out later in the year...:)
  6. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Great keep us up to date with the release please. Because it looks awesome!
  7. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Just watched the Monza race on tv. That track is awesome for such machines. What a topspeed, incredible
  8. Yeah, awesome speeds there.
    Did you see Robin Harms take a high sider in the Supersport 600 ?
    Man he realy "rubt" the guardrail.
    Surprised me that he could walk away from it.
  9. saw....damn what a hard crash and the guy just ran away from the accident....unbeliveble.
    He was riding the bike of stiggys team,guess they have their work cut out for them the next few days :)
  10. Well i looks like the FIM has come to a agreement with all manufacturers for the technical specs for 2008....

    Displacement capcities.

    * 2 cylinders over 850cc up to 1200cc
    * 3 cylinders over 750cc up to 1000cc
    * 4 cylinders over 750cc up to 1000cc

    Minimum weight.

    * 2 cylinders over 850cc up to 1200cc 168kg

    * 4 cylinders over 750cc up to 1000cc 162kg

    Minimum weight of 2 cylinders over 850cc up to 1200cc will be updated in steps of +3kg / -3kg with a minimum of 162 and a max of 172kg.

    There will be air restictors for the 2 cylinder over 850cc up to 1200cc with a circular area of 50mm.
    They will be updated with steps of 2mm wider or smaller.

    Homologation numbers

    For 2008 and 2009 all manufacturers will have to produce a minimum of 1000 bikes to get a homologation.

    For 2010 that minimum will be increased 3000 to bikes.
  11. Troy Balis a won the double in Misano.

    After some very close racing with Haga,Biagi,Corser Troy Balis has won the Italian SBK Grand Prix.
    In the first race there whas very close contact between some riders and certainly between Haga and Biagi.
    Max wanted to dive into a gap that there never whas and spun and toke Haga with him.
    Haga ofcourse whas furious cause he hat the chance to get it on with Troy Balis.
    Max and Noriuki both did better in the second race.

    Race 1

    1 Bayliss 38'52.856
    2 Corser 38'55.230
    3 Kagayama 39'01.821
    4 Toseland 39'03.966
    5 Rolfo 39'11.565

    Race 2

    1 Bayliss 38'43.506
    2 Haga 38'46.043
    3 Biaggi 38'49.892
    4 Kagayama 38'52.411
    5 Corser 38'52.636

    Overall standings

    1 Toseland 260
    2 Bayliss 239
    3 Haga 234
    4 Biaggi 217
    5 Corser 182
    6 Lanzi 133
    7 Xaus 130
    8 Rolfo 109
    9 Neukirchner 100
    10 Kagayama 89

    ( source worldsbk )
  12. british superbikes on this weekend
  13. J.T is leaving Ten Kate Honda at the end of this season

    Jases Thoseland has announced that he will be leaving The Ten Kate Honda racing team at the end of this year.


    The british rider said that he would like to ride in the moto GP serie.
    And that he would like to drive in that serie`s for Then Kate Honda.
    But Gerrit and Ronald Ten Kate will not participate in the near future in the moto GP serie`s.
    So James has made public that he will leave the superbike`s and Ten Kate Honda.
    Before leaving the team he will try to give Ten Kate the first championship in the superbike`s.
    J.T drive`s this weekend for his homecrowd on brands hatch.
    He his curently leading the championship with Biaggi in 2th and Haga in 3th place.
    James is leaving the superbikes after 6 years.
  14. Troy Bayliss on pole at Assen

    Troy Bayliss powered to his second Superpole of the year at Assen and his 20th in career with a time of 1'38.428, just a fraction slower than the new best lap he had previously set in the final minutes of free practice.


    Second place on the grid went to Valencia winner Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia WSB), just a tenth away from Bayliss's pace, with Sterilgarda Go Eleven Ducati's Ruben Xaus right behind in third. The Spanish rider had been a lowly seventeenth in Friday qualifying, but was able to make major gains today and should also be a contender for victory in tomorrow's two 22-lap races.

    "It's the first time here for us on the new 1098" said Bayliss. "We had a pretty good base setting, we've been working towards a better set-up and we've achieved that. I was really surprised with the 38.3 time I did in free practice, so I thought maybe it was possible to do a flat 38 or high 37. It wasn't to be but it was just enough to give me the pole and this is a great position to start tomorrow. Regarding my bicycle injury, there are always some niggling problems that you have being a motorcycle racer, it's not very often that you are fully fit but I'm feeling OK and there are no problems at all."

    "Of course I am very happy with second place because I get onto the front row for the first time this year" said Haga. "I think it's going to be a tough race for tomorrow but I have already decided for the tyre and nearly decided for the settings for the bike so I feel good for tomorrow. Everyone is thinking about winning here, but as I said before it's not easy and I will try to do my best."
  15. He got the double dutch :drunk:
  16. WSB is about to expand.

    Next year the world superbike campionship will have 36 riders on the grid.
    BMW has anounced it`s entrance in the serie`s and the rumours goes that also Aprillia is making a comback to the serie`s.


    Troy Corser on the Aprilia RSV1000

    If al 36 riders are on the grid in so far unknown.
    Would be great to see 36 superbike`s on the grid do.
  17. Ten Kate takes double

    Ryuichi Kiyonari took his maiden World Superbike Championship victory at Brands Hatch – and then made it a double.


    The Ten Kate Honda rider won the first encounter despite dropping from third down to seventh at the start. The retirements of Tom Sykes and Noriyuki Haga helped his cause as he made his way back through the field to battle with Ducati pole-sitter and championship leader Troy Bayliss. After two failed attempts to pass Bayliss at Paddock Hill bend, 'Kiyo' made a move into Hawthorn stick just four laps from the end. He then fended off pressure from Bayliss to cross the line first, with Max Biaggi in third.

    In the second race Bayliss led the field again, but things didn't go his way and he finished the race in tenth place. Former British Superbike champion Kiyonari was left dicing with Haga and although the lead changed several times, the Honda man came through for his second win of the day, with Troy Corser finishing third. British Superbike rider Sykes, who was a wild-card entry, made up for his earlier disappointment by finishing the race in seventh place.

    "I was under much pressure from Noriyuki Haga," said Kiyonari. "I made some mistakes at the last corner but I still took the victory. My bike has been very good this weekend and I was pleased to win at Brands Hatch – it's like a second home and I want to say thanks to the British fans.
  18. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    British rider Craig Jones has died following his accident in Sunday's British round of the World Supersport Championship.

    The 23-year-old from Northwich fell as he challenged for the lead in the race at Brands Hatch and was hit by a following rider.

    The race was immediately stopped and Jones received medical attention at the circuit before being air-lifted to the Royal London Hospital for further treatment.

    However, he died in the early hours of Monday morning.
    Jones' team manager at Parkalgar Honda, Simon Buckmaster, said: "It is with great sadness that we learned Craig passed away in the early hours.

    "The team's thoughts are with Craig's family and friends at this very difficult time. His family pass on their thanks to all well-wishers


    R.I.P. Craig!




    Motorsport claims another life.


  19. somehowe a lost the reply`s to Ross`s thread.
    I try to set them back in place.