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2008 Grand Prix motorcycle racing

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Bram, May 13, 2007.

  1. Looks sweet, always been a fan of that track/facility. Wouldn't mind that config in a Sim Racer!
  2. moto gp will always be with us theres to much money to be lost by getting rid of it
  3. Hi, I'm a big moto gp fan for many years, the fact it IS back on Eurosport won't do any harm, better than what we thought we would be stuck with viewing wise.

    corse it will survive :)
  4. yup, the coverage on eurosport rocks!
  5. Not in England we have to put up with dull BBC commentary, I will not be watching until I hear the wonderful tones of Toby Moody and Julian Ryder once more, they make it so much more than just bike racing.

  6. Bob, the excellent news is it is back on british eurosport.....:clap:

    Here's a bit from MCN....

    British Eurosport confirms 2009 MotoGP plans
    By Matthew Birt


    27 February 2009 10:37

    British Eurosport has confirmed that popular commentary duo Julian Ryder and Toby Moody will be reunited for 2009.

    Dorna confirmed yesterday (Thursday) that coverage of the 2009 MotoGP world championship will continue on British Eurosport in a deal exclusively revealed by MCN a week ago.

    The digital sports channel has signed a deal with the BBC and Dorna, after initially not securing Pan-European rights to the 2009 season.

    The new arrangement will see a change in the level and presentation of British Eurosport’s coverage of the leading motorcycle championship.

    Dave Kerr, Director of British Eurosport said: ‘It’s really the best news possible that we’ll have this fantastic series back on British Eurosport after all and we owe a massive thanks to all the fans who championed our coverage.

    "Toby and Julian are back and I hope many of those fans will return to enjoy our presentation.

    "MotoGP will remain a massive priority in our schedules and our viewers will still be able to see every minute of every race weekend on British Eurosport.”

    Full details of Eurosport’s coverage plans are listed below:

    British Eurosport will have full live coverage of all practice and qualifying sessions for 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP races and live coverage of all 125cc and 250cc races

    Toby Moody and Julian Ryder will still commentate.

    British Eurosport will broadcast the MotoGP races delayed by one hour from the start of the race.

    Randy Mamola will sadly not be part of the presentation team, due to the reduced on-site presence for the majority of rounds

    British Eurosport will have Video on Demand coverage of its MotoGP coverage for a seven day period following each GP, this content is available online via the Eurosport Player. http://player.eurosport.co.uk
  7. Shame that Randy's gone, but probs see him at Day of Champions this year at Donington.
  8. Its a shame BMW and Aprillia decided to stick there new bikes in worldsuperbikes as it looks like they are fairly competitive with there new models . I know ultimatley they are lookin at trytin to sell a bike to the populus but surely motogp wouldve been right up aprillias alley they know it inside out and what better starting point for race bike for bmw than gp .
  9. Hopkins has gone to Stiggy Motorsports in WSBK. Marco is running a lone Kawasaki for 'Hayate Racing'

  10. ... I see the old drama queen is also back to keep us amused (or annoyed) with his crap excuses (Gibernau) ... he's worse than a modern day footballer :)
  11. Aprilia didn't do so well in MotoGP first time round. I feel it was the better choice for them to stick with WSBK. As a Aprilia owner and fan, I would have loved to see them in MotoGP, but seeing Biagi give the Duc and Yamaha a run for their money in WSBK on the Aprilia isn't bad either.

    The SBK classes are all about production bikes and as such probably a better starting point for developing a new production sportbike.
  12. lol, Sete the moan alot is back, i don't understand why he came back tbh, he's only gunna be trailing at the back battling with the Pramac/2nd Ducati team boys. Big whoop Sete was doing well at Mugello, but he did go there on many occasions if im right in saying and had far more track time than the Moto GP Boys had when they went.

    But ah well UTAH Test this weekend at Jerez. And i do beleive/hope Eurosport are showing it,especially in HD :D .
  13. Hmmm ... forgot about this test ... Jerez is not too far from here either (~3 hours by bike) ... maybe its time for a weekend away on my own :D
  14. Damm you, not only do you get good weather but you have more choice of Moto GP circuits go to!
  15. And I got this 10 mins away now mate:
    Autódromo Algarve

    A1GP is here in a few weeks and thier whole manufacturing base is moving here, plus McLaren are rumoured to be looking at setting up here too ... then there is WSBK in October, plus F1 testing, Historic F1 racing, FIA GT, Portuguese WTCC .... then a few hours up the road in Lisbon is Estoril, or Valencia is just a few hours further than Jerez, a bit more of a holiday is Barcelona ... oooh I made a proper rubbish choice of locations when I decided to move here eh :wink2:

    EDIT: a full list of events at the local circuit is available here, if anyone ever needs help booking stuff and finding places round this way, I have a lot of mates in the apartment / rentals industry here so let me know eh? :thumb:

    Portugal FTW :woot2:
  16. You tease, shut up ! ;)

    Nice, i bet you heard the testing of the R1 when they Spies and Sykes where there in pre season testing. They never do testing at Donington, can't think why lol.