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2008 FIA Spec Lamborghini, Maserati, F550 by Luis Branco

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. An updated pack was made available to the test team. The pack now includes the 550 and several changes were made to the initial version of the Lambo and MC12.
    I believe will not be long until the cars are ready to release.

    A resumed list of what the cars will bring:
    - interior LCD monitor for rear view in the Lambo and MC12 cockpit
    - tyres and gears according to Evo standard
    - updated physics according to Evo standard
    - revised engines for FIA 2008 specs (for instance the 550 has now 600 hp instead of 630)
    - standard Evo cubemaps
    - standard Evo shaders
    - meshes in Race07/GTR Evo format
    - revised Lambo mirrors image depth
    - LCD glow when lights are on
    - full working wipers positioned according with real cars
  2. you can follow the progress here
  3. Excellent news - will be an excellent mod even though I will never use it :)
  4. good news. cant wait to try it if the performance is similar to the gt pro cars. which it seems to be :D
  5. Looking forward to this mod. The GTR2 conversion pack doesnt really live up to my expectation because they are still using the GTR2 physics and not the updated GTR Evo physics. Cant wait to drive the 550 with evo physics.
  6. quite.... GTR2 conversion is great to see the cars in Evo, but without the physics to match the GT Pro and GT Sport class, not really of much use.

    What the above mod will add is the missing cars from GTR2 GT1 class to the GT Pro class...
  7. Tyre model


    great idea of you to create such a fantastic mod for GTR Evo. But I think it would be perfect if you could create new "tyre models". The pressure of the tyres in GTR 2 and GTR Evo aren't right. I know out of Vitaphone (because I work there at some races as tyreman ;-) ) that the pressure is a huge step lower than in the game. In reality the cold pressure ( pressure you set in the box with tyre temp around 20 degree Celsius) is around 1.10 Bar at slicks. Sometimes lower, sometimes upper, for special tracks. The optimum pressure of the slicks by driving is around 1.70 to 1.80 it depens of the tyre mixture (soft, mid or hard). The temperature in GTR 2 and GTR Evo is all right. For the rain and intermediate tyres the pressure is like in the game. Intermediates : cold around 1.50; warm around 1.90, and wet or heavy wet tyres cold around 1.60 ;warm around 1.90- 2.00.
    If you could make such a tyre model in GTR Evo for the FIA GT1 cars it would be more realistic.


  8. Good news . :)
    By the way, i saw a video on YouTube with a man playing GTR or something. And when he moved his head to the left, the screen moved, like i would in IRL. Does sombody knows how to install that software ?
  9. [​IMG]

    Here is the download v2.0
  10. PieterN


    Looks like a great conversion, and I would love to drive it. Will it be available for non-steam-users like me ?
  11. from the post above yours:

  12. I hope not :p
    But you can BUY the game, its very cheap (€13.99) now at play.com

  13. does it has any different of the GTGTR2?
  14. Anybody tested them?
  15. yes, and love them, seem very balanced with the GTR Evo GT Pro class cars.

    Note there is a memory leak bug with the Lamborghini that is known and a bug fix is being tested as I type...

    Bug fix patch out in the very near future...
  16. Just did few laps in 550 and i have to say it best mod for GTRevo so far!!!
    Really nicly done:)..........
  17. I had a quick test around Magny cours and i noticed the Maserati revs up to 8000
    and the Aston Martin only 7200

    The cars handle nice but the all of the cars seem to sound the same and handle the same way
  18. strange as for me each of those cars handles differently....
  19. Oh MC12 Here we come :D .