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2008 Bottle-O VE

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Mute, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hey all, i know season 2008 has already been skinned by the orsm boys and will probably be released soon, but i thought i'd paint this up anyway just to get an idea of how the template might be to paint with once its released. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out so i thought i'd post it up. Still a little tweaking to do and the windows still have to be done though nd will probably look better once the actual templates are released.
    It's based on the car as it ran at Oran park 2008:


    So far i'm very impressed on how the models were built and how easy they seem to be to skin thus far. Well done ORSM.
  2. Well Done Mute
  3. Had some time tonight so i finished off the D'Alberto Bottle-O Car, once the templates are released i'll transfer it onto that and it may look slightly better, but i'm pretty happy with it anyway:



  4. Prozac, why didn't you sign up with your normal handle? :tongue:
  5. Cause i'm kinda over it ;)
    But i guess it will confuse some people
  6. Ha :)
  7. Very nice:good:. It's one of my favourite current paint schemes and you've done a gr8 job on the 2008 car :).
  8. Looks good, I have always liked your work.
  9. Thanks all :)
  10. Looks great! Extremely accurate, just like most of the work you've done in your past skins.
  11. Damn... And I thought there was a new skinner in town, but no, its only Prozac..... lol.

    Great looking work Mate..