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2007 Cadillac Escalade V2

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by ethorlakson, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. here it is! the 2007 Escalade that most of you from RSC are familiar with! it's updated for RD with new handling and a new steering wheel. enjoi!


  2. Hiya, just got it and thanks.
    I liked the origional, but the handling wasn't good. I noticed that 24 d/l s and no comments, so I thought I would at least say "thanks". Evidently in a long, drawn out sort of rambling way.....it would seem that I am rambling...lol!:D
  3. I've just tested it in 0.8.9 and I'm a bit disappointed.
    Doesn't seem to have that much of realistic handling and I think that engine inertia is around 10 times too low.

    I absolutely hate this car in real life and Racer version doesn't change that.
  4. Well, in it worked really good. I don't know why anyone would download a car that they hate IRL-but then again:tongue:.
    I had to change the rims to stock, as I plan to take it off-roading (all the Caddy fans say "GASP!"-lol!). I'll post some screenies if you want (if I can:wink:).
    I won't be climbing Kilimanjaro or any thing like that-but to the real Escalade it would be pretty close-lol!
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    The handling/physics is very different in 0.8.9 than it is in previous versions, so chances are, that's why.
  6. IMO i love this truck in real life, my dad owned a black 07 and now owns a white 09 platinum, and i converted it because i like it, and I'm really not concerned if people don't like it because it's an Escalade. if you don't like it, don't download it. but i really don't want to hear you complain and clutter my thread because you don't like it. and yes, i can't run 0.8.9, so i run 0.6.4 and it handles quite realistically.
  7. well, I must say ethorlakson, I enjoy driving this truck.:good:
    If your dad owned an '07, why would he trade it? It's still "young".:confused: But anyway, if he likes his '09 platinum.....will you do an '09???:pray:
    Here are the off road pictures.


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  8. Where did you get those rims/tires?

  9. they are off of an older model of escalade he probably got em off of there
  10. Actually, they were in the folder of the caddy as downloaded. I just saw "lwheel.dof" and thought is that the wheel I am using? Checked the .ini, and it was "left.dof"....And then I saw a "left1.dof"- and just switched and played around until I found and like the one in the pictures. I figured that I didn't want to bang up the big rims that wee on it...:D
  11. ahhhh ill have to look into it lol i like the older style rims
  12. Want some sounds, I have the 2007 Escalade with the 6.2L V8
  13. Wa-Hoo!! :D -lol! free stuff!-in this case free sounds....:redface:
  14. i noticed the old rims arent centerd and thy wobble abit and all anyway to fix that? i like em but they just dnt look good while driving XD
  15. to adress. my dad leased his '07, so in October 09 his lease ran up and he got another Escalade. i know the old rims are wobbly and were not intended to be in the folder, so i will not focus on the old rims and the next version will not include them. if you like them, great.Nuginu, although the current sounds are nearly bang on, we have an Escalade, but thanks very much for the offer.
  16. Hiya,
    Thanks for clearing that up, my mother also leases her Aveos (2009 current and 2006- her first one). I thought about leasing, but which car/truck do I choose??:confused:.
    I love Mustangs, but they're not winter cars, a truck is too big for my parking space, and Aveo is too small and Escalade is too big....yikes!-lol! sorry off topic.
    Back on topic, I was going to see about playing around with the rims. I didn't know they weren't supposed to be released. But I like them-actually I liked all three sets of rims. But the "stock" ones were best suited for the off road venture.
    Do you want me to post them if/when I get them fixed? I know they aren't any concern to you, but if anyone wanted them, do you object to that?
    Thanks again for releasing this !!:D
  17. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    And that's why I love 4WD sports cars, perfect for all times of the year ;) /offtopic
  18. leasing is not good for an individual unless it's a business vehicle. in the long run, if you have an Escalade for example, you're paying a good 1 grand per month, and by the time you end the lease, you've paid the entire price of the truck, and they want you to buy it off from the lease for another 30 grand. I've leased before, and it was the worst experience of my life.
    anyway, if you guys want to work on the rims and post them here, that's fine with me, oh BTW, dumb question, what is the third set?
  19. Thanks for the leasing advice...since I am not a fleet or a business....I'll see aboot financing-till its mine :D

    The first set was to ones you had given it to "us"-released.
    The second were the stock ones.*
    The third set is a22" black "snowflake" style rim.

    *Just open Modeler, "center to origin" and "Sh-D" buttons and they're all fixed.:D
  20. Here are some screenies to help my explanation, or lack thereof-lol!:tongue:

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