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2007 - 2009 V8Factor Unleashed Seasons

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by MyHolden#11, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering when Team ORSM are planning to release Seasons 07, 08 and 09? would love to see them, Cheers
  2. Would love to see the complete '09 season too! What do you think guys?
  3. yeah the Pig Badged Ford in 09 and the Chevy Badged Holden in 07 xD
    Applies to what remains, Doug or Gav any To do List available =) ?
  4. These seasons only require UI screens to be created. Every other component is done and in place. I'm not sure what the delay on the UI Screens is but these seasons are almost ready to go.
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  5. Yeah Buddy!!!
  6. How long does it take to do the ui screens? As I would dearly love the 09 season
  7. How long is a piece of string?

    They will be done when they are done. Plus waiting for them will make it better in the end when you get them.
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  8. Double half its length. but id be a smarty bottom writing something like that. :thumbsup: ;) :thumbsup:
  9. Sorry Guys.. That's my blocker.. I have them and have minimal things to do to it to get them out, but have been very busy with Real Life things.. Hopefully will be able to get back into this in the next few weeks.. Sorry Team..
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  10. Hey bacon no worries mate real life comes first more then anything
  11. Take your time still_bacon real life committments take priority.
  12. Thx for the info s_b. The fact that it is almost done is more than enough to wait a bit longer. ;)
  13. I want to apologize to FVR and Ferret40 for using there skins without permission, i have removed all the skins i ripped. I will not do it again

    Cheers MyHolden#11
  14. i am therefore deleting my RaceDepartment account also FVR account as i am very ashamed
  15. OK, MyHolden#11 and i have had a chat behind the scenes.
    It,s now all sorted and thats it as far as i,m concerned.

  16. any update on this?
  17. Yeah guys

    Sorry for no communications but I have been doing 12-13 hour days at work for the last 6 weeks (infront of a screen too), and I just couldn't stomach looking at this one when I got home. I haven't even got my wheel connected at the moment.

    I will be working on the seasons this week when I have time, and hopefully the news will be good.

    Stay Tuned
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  18. Cant wait really looking forward to seeing them
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