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2006 Michelin Tyres

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by aagancia, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. been getting some requests for these, so here it is for the Michelin fans...
    2006 Michelin Tyres [​IMG] *with actual Michelin inters and wet tyre treads
    *options have red marks (in case you forget what you fitted)
    * super softs and softs are marked as option tyres. They will have the red mark on the sidewall. So in tracks like Monaco and Singapore, both prime and option will have the red mark. In tracks like Spa and Monza, both prime and option will NOT have the red mark.

    thanks and enjoy. :)

    alternate link:

    Download link:

    2006 Michelin Tyres
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  2. Rian Speed already did these?Why should you make a work that's already done?
  3. great job Mr :D
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  4. Nice work ! BMW Sauber on McLaren chassi ? download ?
  5. Just Awesome bro!
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  6. You are a beast :)
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  7. Yes, Rian made Michelins for their 2006 season mod and they were the first to do so. Their version works well with the multi tyre xml (by Ryder25). But that requires you to insert the tyre textures in each car pssg.

    This is a stand alone version that people can easily use. This also includes actual Michelin inter and wet treads which is not available in the 2006 mod's pre-beta release. Users of the 2006 mod can integrate these treads and use it with their 2006 mod so they can replace the Pirelli treads.
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  8. soon... it will come with the 2007 mod. :)
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  9. Awesome, one question can you make 2003 michelin tyres too?Or they are very similar?I will do all 2003 cars and would like to use your awesome tyre mod:)
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  10. I don't see any difference between the 2003 and 2006 tyre walls. If I remember corectly, 2003 had different inter treads. But, I have not seen any picture of it.
  11. Maybe a chance for 2003 tyres?I would find pictures for them:).And for the bridgestone tyres too:)