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2005 V8Factor Unleashed Community Edition

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by still_bacon, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Hi All

    We have had a request to provide some back catalog work, and although ORSM did make a comment that this would be forthcoming, real life has taken its toll and the Team has not had the opportunity to make good on this promise.

    So, to clear out the coffers, and to get these seasons done and dusted, ORSM has received community contributions towards completing the 2005 season, and here it is.

    So what is included in the Mod ?

    The 2005 season has been scaled back from the ORSM releases in that there will be 1 skin per car, per season.

    This skin will be a representation of one of the liveries presented during the year, and may not relate exactly to a specific round.

    But in the case where there has been serious changes to the scheme (like a changed colour or design), then we will create separate skins.

    If the community is interested in doing more skins that that, then they can be added as separate skins and downloaded individually from a skin server (like rFactor Central).

    There will be no drivers or helmets included in the mod. These could also be included as downloadable content if someone was keen enough to do this.

    SO, this means the content is restricted (graphically) to:
    - Team boards and menu graphics
    - 1 Livery per car
    - 1 Pitbox per team for ingame booms on ORSM tracks
    - 1 Window texture per car
    - 1 wheel texture (if needed)

    This is not going to be an ORSM mod.
    ORSM has provided the core season structure, and has compiled the zip file for the mod.

    Some of the ORSM Team has contributed work, but there is a large contingent of community contribution on this seasons, so it showcases what a great talent our community holds.

    Download Links (Will be updated when people mirror it)
    Mediafire - Thanks to ea_silver_ghia
    Mediafire - Thanks to Richard Coleman
    Mediafire - Thanks to Doug62

    Thanks to all the community contributors and the feedback during the build process.

    Please enjoy
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2014
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  2. I can do all the windows............
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  3. Hey Bacon with the windows i am making 1x Normal round plus 1x Enduro set for each car is that ok?
  4. Just go for normal round.
  5. oh ok have already done the enduro windows for all the cars i have already done so will box them up for additional download if others want them later on..........
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  6. Bacon will need the Larkham racing Skin before i can complete the windows to get the stripe on the head lights right
  7. like to nominate these skins
    2 - Mark Skaife almost done
    finding pics of these older liveries is not easy.
    45 - Max Wilson just started
    can`t find a pic from the rear of the car, do we take an educated guess ?
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
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  8. Hi Mick

    I have put you down for both HRT and also the WOW car.

    Doug.. What do you have in your arsenal??
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  9. hey bacon are the larkham cars done or you are doing them?
  10. All done, finished, updated are....
    Ford Performance, Both cars + Bathurst. Drivers, Team boards...
    Mark Larkham, Both cars, Drivers, Team boards...
    Dick Johnson, Both cars + Bathurst. Drivers, Team boards...
    Britek, Fujitsu, Both cars + Bathurst and last rounds.
    SBR, Ingall, Vortex and Perth round StarDay one off livery.
    Betta Electrical, Both cars, China round and Bathurst. Drivers, Team boards...
    Supercheap, Both cars, Drivers, Team boards...
    Team Dynamic, car 44 Boomarang, + Drivers, Team boards... Car 45 wow, Visco complete with all logo.
    Holden Dealer Team, Both cars late season, + Buick livery.
    Tasman Motorsport, Both cars. dodo Racing.

    Some of these car were done a while back when Gav and I were working on them.
    Like 2006, I have a good number of cars with up to three livery changes per car.
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  11. NICE!!!!!!
  12. I seem to be doing skins we already have, can we have a list of what skins are needed please.
  13. the HRT cars are not in that list
  14. I know, but already done those, well done #2 I assume only the number needs changing for #22.
    so all the 2005 cars are done ?
  15. No. Still need Toll, Autobarn, 2 GRM,s, 2 BOC, Morris, Sirromet. 2 Perkins Castrol,
    2 WPS though Bacon has listed them.
    And Team Kiwi, I'm just starting that one now. Getting resources together.
  16. o.k shall I take a shot at the Perkins Castrol ?
  17. anything on there that has my name on it are done..
  18. Looks like the outstanding stock is Team Kiwi, Autobarn, Perkins and Morris.

    All the rest look like Doug and I have them covered.