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2005 ford F-150 FX4

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Cobra, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Good Day, Eh!
    I have the beta that was such a big hit on the RSC, I decided to bring it here.
    And there were a large amount (ok like 5 or 6 :cool:) really interested RD forum users begging for the truck....well no one really begged-:wink:.
    It is a 2005 Ford F-150 super cab (4 door) pickup truck. It has a 5.4 Triton V8 with auto transmission (but with some quick clicks in the .ini-it can be a manual:wink:). I have it set up currently with the four wheel drive engaged, but you can switch that off to, and remember to compensate the torque output to match, or else she'll be a gutless wheeze-bag...:eek:.
    Somebody did the light flare thing, and another did some paint for it....can't remember whom, but THANKS!! All of the stuff ("thank-yous") is in the readme and some is in the .ini.
    If for some reason another version has been done-feel free to post it-
    Its on "crapide" share-lol!
    "Your file has been saved and can now be downloaded 10 times. It will be deleted after 60 days without download. If you would like to enable more people to download your file, please transfer it to a free Collector's Account or a Premium Account."

    1. Download Link:Click here to download file http://rapidshare.com/files/399522084/2005_ford_f150_fx4.rar.html

    I added the quote, and the link if anyone wants to mirror it before the eleventh person clicks on it-as a courtesy....please and thanks!:cool:
  2. Thanks LuThoBu!
    I appreciate it!
    So any one love it? Well, I'll give it a few more days.....lol!:cool:
  3. can't say I love it, I did find some bugs in it, like I feel like the autoclutch rpm should be higher up to allow for a quicker take off (of course unless your using 089, in which case the autoclutch_rpm can be commented out) and the front wheels, look like they have too much positive camber. and I feel like the shifting happens too quickly. of course it also doesn't have CG shaders, but thats not really a problem.

    I also feel like the front brakes lock up a little too easy, to me it almost seems like the b2 on the pacejka could be higher. tried it off-road for a bit and i feel it could use improvement there as well.

    all in all, its not a bad start, but could use plenty more work.
  4. No problem :) I tried the truck with 089.. not the smartest move I have ever made.

    A lot of cars and trucks behave very strange with 089, as if everything is maladjusted
    and almost non-functional. An interesting move from Ruud.. meaning ALL cars will
    have to be updated to match the new settings. What a painful job for many of you,
    at least you who have 300+ cars..

    I'll try the truck again later on my laptop.. It runs both 088 and 089 so I can compare.
  5. Cool, Thanks harey and LuThoBu!
    I figured that it needs more work done to it.
    I use 06.5.4, so its set up for that version.
    I'll definitely have a look into the b2 value, and see about adjusting the front brakes,the camber and the auto clutch. Doing an auto tranny is a first for me.
    I will try to post an improved . ini later on.
  6. Here is the link, as I changed the b2 value, and also the rear axle ratio, since there were several offered. The brakes seem to be ok-but I can make some changes, and try the commented out ones till they work better.
    I also redid the camber and that seems to make it look appealing. I also used info based on my default .ini file in my version of Racer. I used this to redo the auto transmission.


    Comments welcome after the new ini is tried-:cool:

    She isn't 100% but I think she's a bit better!
  7. well I can tell you made some changes but to me, the automatic still wasn't that great. I had found out last night, that it was due to your clutch torque, set it about 100 above your engine torque, and raise the auto_clutch rpm. I set it insanely to 4000rpm, but 3000rpm might be a bit better.

    http://www.speedyshare.com/files/23013129/car.ini (working link lol)
  8. Thanks harey,
    I thought I had set the clutch about 100 values higher, so it would shift smoothly. Maybe I fu*ked it-lol! Again, this is a first for me. The beta used the Bullitt's automatic settings. I will try it again. but i may switch it to rear wheel drive (as splitting the torque confuses me when trying to set up the automatic). Then maybe someone with more experience can adjust it for the 4(fake) wheel drive. Is that cool? I am not trying to annoy, but I really have no fu*kin' clue with automatics. Then there are the different versions of Racer, and the changes with each version. It gets hard on the head. ...:D
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yup, it sure does :p Can't wait for the final though, it'll be a big help.
  10. Here is the product of my Saturday afternoon:


    I also plugged away at the 2011 GMC Sierra, which has great lights, but the poor handling. (Sorry, it handled poorly). And I couldn't remember where I put the new .ini....lol!
    So I decided to work on the two of them. This is the .ini file for the F-150 FX4....I know I said I would just do a 2wd version, but I tried (and hope to succeed) the 4x4 version. Unless anyone can assist where I had messed up. Feel free to try !
  11. Well, I guess I hit another perfect .ini! I haven't heard anything, so it must be better than it was. :wink:
  12. i have the new .ini from the Sierra, which is perfect except for the fact that in neutral the RPM shoots to redline with tiny pedal travel, but in gear it's perfect. used it on the '10 F150 SCrew, works great and has just the right amount of power. i have the .ini if you need it.
  13. @ethorlakson: Awesome! I still can't remember where I put it, so please send it along. I didn't do anything to the torque.crv file; but maybe when I had recalculated the torque in the .ini it made it wonky. I can have a look after I get the file.:D Glad that it worked in the 2010 F-150 Screw...lol! (I know you mean Super-Crew). I have the 09 truck, and when you get the HD interior (and all the bits), it would be great as the truck is drivable - and therefore I would like it looking sweet like this (F-150) and the Sierra.
  14. @ethorlakson: Thanks for the improved GMC ini/truck! You saved me a bunch of time there!

  15. Nice one, not my kind of vehicle though, but still:)
    The first camera view is far away from the car and the tires look shiny...
  16. Hiya Mingus, Right you are!
    The first camera is my first camera angle-ever, and I plan on changing it. I like the "Armour-All" look on the tires, no else has noticed...lol!:D
    Glad you like it. It isn't done, but it is what I have done over the last year. Mind you I didn't do it all by myself. I couldn't have, and I know it has a bit of tweaking/tuning left before its like the real one.:cool:
  17. Still need to follow up this one.. been busy with tracks and the new 0810.. but it's on my todo :)
  18. cool, I have been fiddling a bit more with the ARBs and the suspension settings, trying to make it less rigid. I think the real one has a bit more" loose" of a feeling. Right now aside from some under steer, she can out lap my Ferrari F430....so something is amiss...:eek: