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$200 Simulator

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by KingNyan, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. I am really interested in getting into sim racing, but I don't have a very big budget. I am planning on building my own wooden cockpit rig with materials from around the house (previous project) I already have a 32 inch lcd I'm not using as well as my current pc (specs below) so all I really need is a wheel to get started. I'm looking at either getting a DFGT and upgrading pedals, and shifter, or getting a G27. Which will be better? If I get a DFGT what pedals, and shifter? Anything I'm missing, or is there anything else I could do to improve the overall experience? I was looking at the buttkicker but they are too expensive, are there any cheaper options? I hope I posted this in the correct place. Thanks for any response.
    PC spec: AMD Fx-8350, 8Gb Pny xlr8, 1Tb seagate barracuda, 240Gb Corsair ls ssd, Radeon r9 270x, Asus mobo, and a Cooler Master hyper 212 evo.
    Edit: I'm 15 and still in school so this is my leftover christmas money. Saving money isnt really a option until summer when I can start doing some side jobs again.
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  2. In that price range, I'd go with the G27. Its usually around $200 and is good as you can ask for at that price.
  3. Bram

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  4. They were $200 all through the holidays for the last two months but I see they're back up to $250 again. Should not be hard to find one on sale again though if you watch for it or pick up one slightly used.