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2 Year Suspended ban for Renault

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Keith Peppiatt, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. "Renault have been given a two-year suspended ban for their role in fixing last year's Singapore Grand Prix.
    The team were called before governing body the FIA to answer charges they had asked driver Nelson Piquet Jr to crash to help team-mate Fernando Alonso win.
    Former team boss Flavio Briatore has been banned from FIA sanctioned events for an unlimited period.
    Renault's ex-engineering director Pat Symonds has also been excluded from F1 for five years.
    The plan to deliberately crash was their idea, Piquet told the FIA.
    Briatore and Symonds parted company with Renault last week at the same time as the French car giant said they would not contest the charges."

    from BBC Formula 1 website.

    They've got off light if no cash penalty imo.
  2. Renault is not suspended actually. They'll be supended only if they make another mistake.

    But anyway, having Briatore out is a great news for F1!
  3. I guess now I understand.. :) my english is not very good
  4. for whom like me doesnt understand what is a suspended ban :)

    After the meeting of the World Motor Sports Federation International Automobile (FIA), Flavio Briatore has been banned in Formula 1 for the case of the frame in the Singapore 2008. Renault was suspended for two years, but with probation: that is, the team will not meet the punishment, unless they commit another serious violation of the regulation.

  5. yea, the suspsension just means if they commit another crime of comparable nature in the time, the sentence is activated....

    otherwise, they pretty much just got away with it.... nice to see briatore perma-banned....

    part of me thinks the team should have got a mclaren sized fine... but the other part can see why they didn't....
  6. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    because they are french.
  7. Ouch..
    How often are licenses renewed? Is it yearly? If so, then Alonso, Webber and Kovalainen have cause to be worried (well, they'll just have to find new managers I guess)
  8. I Think Renault should be very thankful they got off so lightly. I think its right Briatore can play no part in any FIA sanctioned motorsport and Symonds is out for 5 years but what I find deplorable is Piquet not facing any punishment at all. I disagreed with Alonso getting immunity in the McLaren spygate scandal and I don't like to see drivers who knew about a serious offense being committed only coming clean when it suited them. This was a chance for the FIA to make a stand and show they want to clean up the sport but today it just seems a little less grubby than usual.
  9. Without immunity, the truth would never be revealed. I think is a great tool to this kind of investigations. Anyway he already have his punishment.
  10. Looking forward to watch Flavio's life self-destruct in the next couple of weeks/months. :nod:
  11. i wouldn't be surprised to see briatore give up every dirty little secret he knows about f1...
  12. So, Flav for FIA president? :p
  13. C'mon, I'd hate to see the guy like wither away and have his life "self-destruct". Sure some people are arseholes, but it's F1, things like this happen, and he was just caught.
  14. Yeah, I didn't like the guy but looking forward to seeing someone's life 'self destruct' is a bit OTT. Besides his many millions of pounds and a hareem of models will keep him warm at night. He doesn't need F1 he's a rich man already but it would be interesting to see if he spills the beans on his years in F1 though with his track record could you really believe the man? I did read somewhere before todays ruling that if he was banned from F1 he would also have to give up his stake in Queens Park Rangers football club as per the English FA's rules.
  15. Maybe I should clarify the self destruct as getting kicked from QPR as well.
    He shouldn't be in Sport imo.
  16. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Tennant speak truth.

    FIA is well bent.
  17. Having now read all the evidence and listened to the WMSC meeting and conclusions, I feel the FIA have whitewashed this matter a bit. Max's tone and words display a degree of satisfaction at hunting down and taking out a sometimes irritating opponent in Briatore. But they've missed the point on who's idea it actually was.

    A lot of stake is put into "witness X's" evidence in actually placing Briatore at the scene of the crime, so to speak, but this same evidence also states that it was Piquet jnr.'s idea. There is no admonshment or even acknowledgement in the conclusion that it may have been or was Piquet jnr.'s idea. Regardless of the fact he was granted immunity from prosecution from the start there is no reason they should not have placed some of the blame on him. Instead they praise him for telling the truth, and indeed Symonds, whilst there is an air of humiliation directed towards Briatore for flatly denying it throughout, and borderline mockery. It's clear to me that if "witness X's" evidence is the binding factor for Briatore's guilt, for want of a better word, then it is binding of the fact that Piquet jnr. was the initial instigator.