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2 x Helmets, Dario Franchitti and fantasy/request

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Tino Ahola, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Hello once again fellow RaceDepartment readers. Here I bring you two helmets. The helmet of Dario Franchitti and a similar fantasy/career helmet made for forum member "puffitheone". The helmets are made from scratch. There are few "flaws" if you will. The light blue grid is too thick, and the flag is hand drawn so its not 100% accurate. I have used countless of hours doing this, and also lost my mind doing the grid and the flag so im sorry its not 100% right.

    The helmets will replace gen_01 and gen_02 at bespokehelmets. The fantasy helmet is 01 and Dario helmet is 02
    Huge thanks goes to ML2166 for the 3D template.
    Thanks, finally it's done :)


    2 x Helmets, Dario Franchitti and fantasy/request
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  2. Might not be 100% but it still looks awesome.
    Great job brother.
  3. absolutly brilliant:Dit´s so beautiful!thank you so very very much:thumbsup:a dream came true..:cry:
  4. Thanks. Yeah its not but it was complete pain in the a*% to do :D and my thing is, if Istart doing something I cant give up. And especially when this was a request. But if someone wants to improve it, then feel free. :)
    No probs, you are welcome ;)
  5. thanks. brilliant job.:cool:
  6. Looks nice to me. Thank you. :)