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WIP 2 tracks from Rally America

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zaxxon, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. 3 tracks from Rally America

    I created 3 projects with the goal of testing some things. I will not continue working on them, but may be you are looking for a track to work with and you find these initial versions useful.

    The tracks are from Rally America:

    Projects have road and terrain based on real elevation data, an initial version of pacenotes and protection walls.

    All the BTB projects (and RBR exported versions) can be downloaded from:

    kml files for the tracks can be found inside the .7z files, or visiting Rally America links.

    These projects are released under a Creative Commons license, so you are allowed to:

    • share: distribute, copy, trasmit the track, race on-line
    • change: modify/adapt/improve the track and publish your adaptation. This includes exporting the track for any game BTB supports.
    Only restriction is that no commercial use is allowed.

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  2. Could we get RBR exported files or are the stages driveable at all? :)
  3. The stages are already driveable. I have updated the link on the first message of this thread to include RBR exported versions (gravel road).
  4. Great, much appreciated. Thanks. :)
  5. I have added another project. It is an 8Km track, SS13 from Colorado Rally (Rally America).

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  6. Great plans guys :D Rally America is soon well known to RBR gamers.

    I have thinking and making some tests with lidar data. I think that lidar data based information will be used with making objects to BTB. Would ditches and terrain near to road be based to lidar data. That would give almoust perfect shape terrains, if tracks based real roads.

    With Google Sketchup is able to import terrain from Google Earth and then that file is able to export .3DS format. Example with 3D MAX, 3DS format can converted to XPAck-file. That how can get "terrain-objects".

    What yours are thinking that possibility? Or do you already know how lidar data can use with normal BTB pro or evo versions?
  7. May be lidar data, if available, could be used to set the exact shape/width of the road and its exact position in the terrain.

    But for the terrain a resolution of tens of cm is unnecessary because the polygons will be much bigger than that.

    It is possible to generate terrain as a 3D object, but then I doubt you can profit of the LOD Out parameter, and the connection between road and terrain is lost.
  8. I have driven your rally america stages now. Awesome and epic spectacile tells best way that you projects.

    How long it takes to do all work with you technic and create that kind of terrain what you have done? And what data it need? Would google earth offers enough data or do you need to get lidar-data?
  9. I created the last one (Colorado SS13) in 3 hours, while I was doing other things.
    For USA, getting 10m resolution data is really easy using http://seamless.usgs.gov/. That is the reason why I create north america tracks if I am testing things. It is easy and quick.

    I f your track is not from USA may be you will need 2 or 3 days to get the elevation data from Google Earth. Once you have elevation data you need a couple of hours to complete the process.
  10. Would you create some terrain model for me, if i get right information/data to you. Google Earth data is very poor from that area, where i working on with my stage. I have 2 years trying to get enough good method to working stages with my way. You terrain solution is the RightOne.

    We have here in Finland good calculating data, made by "ground calculating institute". What is best file-format to you method, i try if i can get best information to you. They have, like spreadsheet data, lidar data and some grid model. I´ll ask of them more information.
  11. If you have data in gridfloat format, I can read it.
  12. I didn´t find any sensible translation to word gridfloat. Can you show some example? I think that you mean values by cordinates x,z and altitude y cordinate and those values makes grid, when there is long list the cordinates.

    Can you use this kind information?
    lattitude: 6764980.500 longitude: 3442625.998 altitude: 94.346
  13. I could read those values, but 6764980.50 and 3442625.998 are not terrestrial coordinates, right?
  14. Can you write example values? Because local "ground calculating institute" office have lots of data. But they need to order it their database all altitude material, they need exact know the file format.
  15. Do you use some another program to gathering all cordinates, or do you just put information into BTB with terrain tool?
  16. For example, a point near Tampere (Finland) has coordinates:
    23.7659913909036,61.49795105918127 (longitude,latitude)

    6764980 is out of range for a longitude or latitude value.

    No. I read gridfloat data with octave scripts.
    But it is not difficult ti read plain text data as
    lattitude: 6764980.500 longitude: 3442625.998 altitude: 94.346

    The questions are:
    does the data belong to a rectangular grid of equally-spaced points?
    if you are not using terrestrial coordinates, as is the case of the example data above, can you translate the position of the road to this new coordinates?
  17. Please the link says:
    Only the owner of this folder has access. If you are the owner, please
    switch accounts to access this folder.

    Not the owner? Please request access to this folder.

    Your request has been sent. You'll be notified when access to this folder has been granted by the owner.

    Can you re upload i like to downolad tour stages! many thanks!