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2 loading errors on each track - 2014'er Track Pack

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by SCE_SR, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    i have downloaded this 2014'er Track Pack:
    http://trippteamdownload.servegame.com:100/Game Stock Car/TRACK PACKS/F1 2014 FULL TRACKPACK to GSC.7z

    I have on each track 2 loading errors.

    When i press ok, the grass an track textures looks extreme dark, terrible.
    Whats the problem ? All other add tracks looks perfect.
    Win7 Pro 64, GF GT 730, SCE 1.35 (Steam), Patched d3d...dll

    Best Regards
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  2. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

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  3. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    TrippTeam is just a database of mods from the sim community download at your own risk. Saying that I have use it before without any issues.
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  4. These 2 files are not supposed to affect grass and road.
    It is easy to fix these two files, but the track Will stay ugly I think.
  5. @Andrew
    I have all the best tracks from this forum, many "exotic" tracks, (Bathurst, Kyalami, Salzburgring..) especially Patricks and Alfredos Tracks etc. (thanks for that), but i have not all F1-GP tracks in a quality like this. As a example: Melbourne. All versions i have seen looks simply terrible. Or Hockenheim (actuall version), or Sepang, Shanghai ...

    Yeah, thats right. The tracks from these pack not really looking good... but, i hoped it looking good enough to play. Please can u make Sepang ???:rolleyes: or Melbourne .... :rolleyes::rolleyes::D

    I love the Melbourne 2012 Version from F1-Virtual Team for GP4. Looks very very great !! 80% from this quality.. and i am happy. :cool::D

    Thank u guys for your answers.

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  6. Sepang from GP4 has a totally weird road mesh. I could not add road bumps to it.
    For Melbourne, why not, but I would need permissions from the team you mentionned
  7. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Thought you were on holiday for a while:confused:
  8. I dont really touch the PC, but I am not too far with the iPad :roflmao:
    I tried Sepang sometime ago, i did not try to work on It yesterday ;)

    I have just contacted the team, lets wait
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  9. Thanks Patrick. Sounds good. :thumbsup:
  10. PieterN


  11. They gave me permissions for their tracks but converting from gp4 needs a very long work...
    Considering the planning, I think It is not a very good idea to move on this way, too long work.

    Anyway, You will soon Have Monza, spa and Hockenheim In a very good quality If You compare them with direct rF conversions :)
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  12. if you have these errors you can fix them easy by your self

    version one easy way: on patricks tracks are always loose files, search for the racegroove.dds and the skidhard.dds, copy and paste them into the track folder where you have this problem

    version two the better way: when the tracks are using the reiza commonmaps.mas (check their scn files if the mas is linked there - MASFile=CommonMaps.MAS) you can use the sce standard textures...
    open the tdf files of the tracks where you have problems with a text editor and change all entries with
    skidhard to skiddry and racegroove to groovedry and save it

    if the extensions named .dds change this to .tga too ;)
  13. Thanks, Patriot! Didn't know about the version 2 trick. But why is it the better option?
  14. because you wont have loose files on your track folders ;) but if you want to fill your hdd you can go way one :D

    extreme example: downloaded 50 tracks, oh damn all the same problem, dropping 50 times always the two same files into the folders = 100 extra files

    sce already have this files so why dont use them?

    just because modders are too lazy to change 2 names on a tdf file? ;) open tdf files with for example notepad++ and change all the wrong names with just one click
  15. Finding and moving the textures always tires me out. Changing the references in the tdf is easier. Thanks for helping me become even lazier! :sneaky:.