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2 instals of RSRBR2011 on one PC?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Nigel Atkins, May 27, 2011.

  1. Ok after my problems earlyer with pace note editor i have decided to use a seperate install for modding pace notes. after reinstalling RBR & RSRBR2011 i copied the whole lot to a seperate partion, sent the RSRBR exe to desktop checked the path (which it changed automaticly). i ran the my main RSRBR changed the car/country/stage closed it then ran the 2nd install and it had the same car/country/stage as on my main one :(
  2. ok i got 2 installs of RBR with RSRBR2011 working, but i got a bit confused with the instructions, it says to run the utility from the rbr folder on the 1st install, but says nothing about running it for the 2nd install. in there snap shots they have instalation 1.reg and instalation 2.reg. but i put the utility in each install, which still seemed to work ok but i only get 1 instalation 1.reg in the drop down menu.
  3. If you could PM me quick set of notes on how to do this then I'll be happy to try them out on a second installation on my win 7 machine, then you could publish them here.

  4. Pete, thanks for your note in the other thread I started. If I understand you correctly, I could do a second install of RBR to my back up hard drive for example, and then install RSRBR 2011? If I did that, would I still need to uninstall my first installation of RBR that is sitting in one of my "Program Files" directories in Windows 7? My guess is that although I could install RBR to my back up hard drive, I would still have trouble installing RSRBR 2011 because it would detect the original RBR install. I appreciate your advice and guidance. My goal is to maximize my Richard Burns Rally experience, which has already been superb.
  5. its not advised to run RBR from Program files with Windows 7, so your best bet is to backup any setups, replays, RBR.ini ect. then uninstall RSRBR2011 & RBR. then reinstall RBR to C:\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally followed by RSRBR2011. then if you want a second install for pacenote editing or the Czech plugin ect, see the links in the 2nd post for info on the reg backup utility.
  6. The only file I can think of that I would want to back up is my saved game. I have not yet tinkered with set ups, and I only saved one or two replays. Any idea where I can find the saved game?
  7. replays are in a folder called replays :)

    you will get the option when unistalling RBR & RSRBR to save your personal details, if your unsure what to save just click ok when asked about saving. only ever used RBR for the Rally school so don`t know where the progress is saved but i`m sure it will save that for you when unistalling. once uninstalled copy the files that are left in your previous install to the new location after instal.
  8. Installation and Running Notes

    • Download the software and put it in your RBR default directory
    • Run the software and you'll be presented with a set of three buttons
      and a drop down box, the text of which is translated as follows:

      Sauvegarder les cles de la base de registre d'une installation de rbr
      Save the keys of the registry of a plant RBR

      Supprimer les cles d'une installation de RBR dans la base de registre
      Remove the keys of an installation of RBR in the registry

      sauvegarde des cles RBR installation 1
      Key backup RBR installation 1

      Restaurer les cles d'une installation de RBR dans la base de registre
      Restore the keys of an installation of RBR in the registry

    • Press the button to save your current registry keys
    • Now press the button to delete the registry keys so as to allow you
      to install the second installation of RBR
    • Install the second version perhaps on another partition.
    • Copy the downloaded sftware to the new installation and
      run the software and press the button to backup the registry keys.
    • Now you can go into either installation, delete the registry keys and
      then reload the registry keys for the installation you want to run.

      I have found that if you change the number at the end of the registry key file
      in the second installation to number 2 then you can copy that file to the original
      directory and it will appear in the dropdown box when you run the software.

      I'm therefore presuming that you could create a desktop shortcut and just run the software from there.

      I did find that I lost all my car packs from the first installation and havent been back to check if there is a method of preventing that when you switch installations.​
  9. It is not working! When I press any button the program is saying me that I have some limits on my account and I have to contact with admin (but I'm admin!!!)
  10. right click and run as admin
  11. It is still not working. Even as I run as admin, with password it is telling me about limits.
  12. try turning of UAC, if it stil doesn`t work then i have no more ideas :(
  13. I don't have UAC, because I have Win XP, not 7, or Vista