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2 gigs on vista not enough for GTR Evo?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Lee Downham, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know how much RAM their machine used tonight to run Evo online ... if not, can someone take a look next time they fire it up and see how much they are actually using whilst running the game (ie with Nordscheife and 15 or 20 cars)?

    I was using just over 2 gigs of RAM at times tonight ... managed to drop it just under that by lowering some in-game settings, but had a few "paging" problems to start with, and got occasional stutters, which didn't help out there in the green hell!!
  2. No idea how much i was using - i have no lag issues with 38 cars in the rain at Spa but then again i have 4GB ram. 2GB on Vista in general is a bit slow, so you would be best trying to get 4GB - and considering current DDR2 prices it shouldn't cost much.
  3. Well vista uses at least 1GB at idle, even on a totally new PC, so you might want to step up to a minimum of 3GB.
  4. 1.38 G usage from Vista for me at idle, ingame dont know. Definetely with Vista i do not suggest only 2G RAM....
  5. Maybe it's not really an issue of how much memory you have to run it smoother, but more of which graphic card you use. Which do you have, Lee ?
  6. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
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    I am working on a solution for the stutters, i just need some more testing, the results are great, i had stutters too but after a few tweaks it was smooth as green hell.
  7. I had it up to 3.3Gb usage last night out of a total 4Gb
  8. Yeah ... I always knew I needed 4Gigs, but went over budget when I built this machine and so was waiting for prices to drop sufficiently so my wife didn't have kittens at me for buying more bits to put in it :wink:
    ... am currently waiting on the RAM coming in to the country (this is often the way in Portugal I am afraid) - had it on order a while now, but the matching sticks I need are on backorder everywhere I look :doh:

    Thanks for letting me know ... with Race 07, I am way under with 2Gigs ... and Vista usage is under 1GB ...
    Evo actually seemed kinder (ie less intensive) on the CPU, and the graphics card is not struggling at all ... Vsynched and 60FPS without a twitter ... its RAM issues I am hitting :Cry:

    Time to see if I can find those RAM sticks faster somewhere elsewhere I think ... another country even!!:rolleyes:

  9. You can pimp it a bit so it uses a bit less.
    Remove shadows under window,...
    all kind of grafical stuff witch you almost not
    notice. Switching of services that you don't use
    also helps.
  10. Thanks ... I already have Vista running a fair way under 1GB ... just a bit bummed out that I never sorted this sooner, never had any problems paging before though, so no impetus to sort it quicker ... "Wot a plonker!" (I am!) :lol:
    Just be nicer if I didn't have to wait for the memory - 2 weeks to one month was the last quote :doh:
  11. runs like silk on my system, see sig...

    I have only 1.3Gb used with game running and ~770mb at desktop...
  12. Its only when I load the Nurbergring I suddenly hit around 1.9GB ... on any other track, like you, I am only using about 1.3GB ...
    I have all game settings on max, which yeah I know ... I could reduce them to help - just that once you become used to silky smooth AND beautiful, its hard to go back to fast and rough
    ... like I said, got 2GB more RAM on the way soon hopefully ... just have to hold my breath 'till then :wink:
  13. reduce/deaktivate Antialiasing.....thats the Key 4 no stuttering on Green Hell.Read it on a other Forum to...
    Greets Mannee