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2.4 Hours of Daytona tomorrow

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Don Davis, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Who's attempting? I need to get a training ride in early, and hope to be home in time.

    Just attempted qualy and stuck a 1:41.2. Ole wyat gooden stuck a 38.9 :o
  2. I might try it, I'm not sure just yet as I just got the car today. I was in a practice with William and I could land a 1:43 almost everytime but I'm not so sure that will be good enough or that I could keep it up for that long... lol... I just don't know the car that well yet.

    Is the race just for fun or does it effect iRating and SR?
  3. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    I understand it's official and counts. I have been practicing all week. Unfortunately, the best I can do is 1:42.2 - I can run close to that, but it's not easy. I did a practice race yesterday but blew my engine on L23/90 - first time for that one!

  4. I'm down to a 1:41.3...I was gonna run it but I dont think I can hang for 2.4 hours. I've done 50 laps or so at one shot but I think 2.4 is gonna be 80 laps at least. The practice servers got real bad tonight with people just runnin over each other and no car control. I dont have much of an SR yet but I think this race could be seriously detrimental to it. Starting from the pits may be a good idea.
  5. I will be there, can't wait. My best is a 1.41.3 with a 1.40.5 opt on race fuel. I just want to keep it clean the whole race and finish.
  6. i'm wondering about fuel strategy now. i seem to be shredding my tires pretty well. Debating short stinting the start, to see how the tires go and just manage it from there.

    We have pretty close times for qualy, wonder if we'll end up in similar splits?!!
  7. 1:45's... I'm thinking I really don't want to jeopardize my Class C by running this thing and getting my SR trashed....
  8. Eric you should still race, there will be more then enough splits for you to race with people with similar times. If you finish even somewhat cleanly you are bound to gain SR. As far as fuel strategy from what I seen you will need 2 pit stops, full fuel load each time. Looking like 90 or so laps for the DP. Plan on pitting every 30 laps. When I qualified there was over 500 people who had already qualified. Should be a good race, if you don't try to win it in the first few laps. The setup I posted in the setup section will take the full 24 gals with no adjustments, just wait to burn off a little fuel before you start pushing it.
  9. I'm using Williams setup he posted and I have gotten 1:41.9 was my fastest. I'm good with the 1:42's in my noob state of the car and track.

    Here is a little shot of he and I chasing each other around during practice.

  10. I still seriously considering it. I've got a nice stable setup going I just dont know if I can do 90 laps without serious brainfade!!! LOL
  11. Go for as long as you can Paul. It wil be a good race even if you don't make the full distance. I think you get one tow. Nice pic Joe.
  12. coor... wish I was racing in this.... tha image is a beut Joe.
    Got to be out this week end, boo hoo...
    Next time I will be there too.
    Have a great race guys.
    Get some Red Bull in Paul and you'll be 'flying mate'.
    Red Bull give you Wings!
    Have Fun
  13. lol George is right, I will have a big can of red bull beside me during the race.
  14. Good luck to those that are racing. I'm in a Mustang so I will spend a lot of time looking in my mirror and my F3 screen.
  15. Well the race went just perfect...

    Qualified with a time of 1.39.9 with my PB as 39.7
    Started 24th with 0.2seconds from first to last.

    Managed to get myself up to 15th after 2-3 laps only to have a guy behind use me as his brakes in the bus stop.
    Got so mad that i refused to race 2.4hrs when i´m atleast 1min behind the top guys..

    I knew i could do some damage in this race because i was catching the guys in front systematically.

    Well well, let´s hope people actually learn racecraft and not just raw speed because most guys is not even half as fast when it comes to the race.
  16. Well I got in it and even lead quite a few laps in my split. I have no idea what happened but all of the sudden my left front wheel was locking up but touching the brakes. So I finally made the choice to get a tow and I didn't want to crash or wreck anyone else too. My left wheel was jammed up in the wheelwell. So I get back out and was a lap down on the leaders, and my wife came to tell me we had to go somewhere... DOH!!! So I finished just under 70 laps and was right behind 5th place went I dropped out...

    VERY cool stuff
  17. What a race! Started 8th on the grid from p1-p30 was only .241. Managed to that the led early on and just ran away from everyone(I think it was my new paint, lol). Got through my first pit stop good and set out to open up my gap again. Led 35 of the laps and on lap 60 I was up a lap on the field and lost it in T1:mad:, no ones fault but my own. Got a tow and came back in 5th, stayed there the rest of the race. That race was mine to lose and I did just that, lost it. I did get the fastest lap of the race and had the lowest average lap time, but that didn't make me feel that much better. Off to watch the real race.
  18. Got in the 12th split (wow so many splits). Started 13th, and immediately felt like i was being held back. Was trying to be patient, but people behind me were pushing hard. Got to lap 6 and already coming up on some stangs in T1. I came inside, hesitated, and slammed it into the tire barrier...arggh (was 9th i think at that point).

    Fought to get back on the lead lap, was chasing down 6th place with about 30 laps to go, and started looking at fuel...yup, gonna need some more gas. Ended up 10th in the end. 2nd fastest lap in my split.

    Overall was great fun, i just kept charging the whole time. if the race was 3 hrs i might have gotten 5th back :p
  19. I know what your saying Don about keep charging the whole time. I had stayed up the night before with Joe running laps. In the race I was able to run consistent laps and I felt like I was pushing, but in control. I drunk my red bull before the race and I felt the power of the wings, lol. Set a new pb with my 1.41.096, lost .15 SR, gained +48 irating and set in this d$mn chair and raced for 144 mins. I had a good day, great event.
  20. William, i cant look at my chair anymore. I want to practice for S1 W1 races, but ugh :D
    Nice new PB you got there. i still cant get below 41.2. Tho i was running 41's for most of the race.