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2.0 update with shadow collisions

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Pedro Cunha, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. After AC 2.0 update, cars started colliding against tree shadows on some custom tracks.
    Anyone has a clue?
  2. Well, its a custom track so that isn't Kunos's fault is it unless the track was developed with AC's track editor. Do you know how the custom track was developed?
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  3. One of them is a track of my own that was exported with blender. But the thing is it was working fine before the update... and I didn't touch on the track files!!
    Anyway I'll try exporting with AC track editor and see what happens
  4. I thought it was pretty common that custom tracks got broken with new patches. I've seen it posted before. I don't run custom tracks though.
  5. TTM75


    I noticed same thing with my own track. I use AC's track editor and 3ds max. I think that something is wrong with ksTree shader..
  6. well i couldnt test it because i don't know how to set the car location on the track with AC track editor.
    Does anyone know how?