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1st sector at Sepang

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Suomalainen, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hi, guyz. Just started my career, so 1st year, 2nd race...
    1st practice session for Force India team, and look at the timetable (screenshot is taken from P2, but this situation is the same):
    Sectors 2 and 3 is good. Time is close to drivers around. But also you can see the first sector time. I have an advantage about 3 secons. How can I solve this problem? I think it is another one bug from CM.

  2. yes it's a bug
  3. Any solutions? It's killing me :(
  4. Guys, please answer.
  5. Don't fast forward time during the sessions and times will be normal for sector 1
  6. hm... thank you VERY much! I'll try.
  7. No worries, that means none of the following:

    No fast forwarding on the monitor
    No using the 'flying lap' feature
    No using the 'return to garage' feature.

    Basically anything which causes time to become simulated
  8. That sucks cause not everyone has the time to comfy sit out P1
  9. Well practice isn't super important, you should be able to see enough 'proper' AI times from when you're out on track to make judgements about your pace. Obviously qualifying it's more important! Or just do it anyway and qualify in the top 10 with a HRT :D lol
  10. Thanx guys! Damned "simulator" :(
    But I'm still lovin it.
  11. Add "Don't get things repaired in the pits" to that list. This is the only problem in my opinion, because you can't NOT get things repaired.