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Mods 1ST Person FOV Mod 1.0

1ST Person FOV Mod

  1. pay2021 submitted a new resource:

    1ST Person FOV Mod - 1ST Person FOV Mod

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  2. So... here's the question.
    Can you move camera in any direction and bend it more to the ground, or FOV is the only thing that can be edited ?
    Actually, there's another question... :geek:
    Although original maybe seems too small, this seems too big (to me), is there possibility that you do another mod with ..something between those two, pretty please ?
    Or you can teach me how to do both these things for myself ?

    Eh, Milestone.. we can see some cool cameras in replay mode, but when we want to drive we're stuck with those immersion-killing 3rd person mode or ONE AND ONLY 1st person camera mode. Really, quite silly.
    What about that "helmet-cam" for a drive, I was wondering ?!? :alien:
    Or some "over-the-shoulder" mod ?
    How hard that could be ? Year after year we get the very same cameras. Game gets better and better every year but cameras allways stay the same. It's such a shame... :( Sorry, this second wasn't for you, you have to do nothing with this, I guess I just need a space to release some ...steam. :p
  3. Yes, i can move or pitch to any direction, and can make less wider fov, will be an update in the future.
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  4. I absolutelly love your answer mate !!! I'm dancing right here ! :D
    But.. are you limited to only one 1st person view or you can make ..several ?
    Can you tell me which program do you use for editing ? So I wont bother you so much and I can put cameras exactly where I want them.
    It's not this one
  5. I been editing the files with a text editor lol and it was hell, this tool is heaven and i discover it thanks to you!, i search a bml tool but this one never show before, now is soo easy :)

    Its limited by the cameras ingame (1st person and 3rd person) but i think (now, with this tool) you can add one.
  6. hehe, glad I could help, even in this little way. :)
    I'm surprised you didn't know about it.
    But I still don't understand, which program do you use for opening those damn "MIX" files, this program is only looking for "BML" files !?! :unsure: Or I miss ...something. Not that it has some well produced "read me" file. Or ANY "read me" to be honest. =P
  7. http://www.racedepartment.com/threa...-modding-questions.123112/page-5#post-2271974
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  8. For unpack and repack mix files MixFileRemixer
  9. Have you gotten around to updating this? I have the mod from Facebook I believe. Just wondering if you can tell me how I increase the fov even more. Please and thank you I love the original mod . Made it so I enjoy the game