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Cars 1999 Le Mans 1.0

67th 24 hours Grand Prix of Le Mans.

  1. Silvestr Edl submitted a new resource:

    1999 Le Mans - 67th 24 hours Grand Prix of Le Mans.

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  2. Mod crashes everytime i go into race, Works fine in practice or Qualifying, soon as i click "Race" be it on the track added with mod or a SimBin track the game CTD. I removed Mod and everything works. So there something not right with the Mod but what i got to see and do, the mod has potential.
  3. Try to reinstall the game and then copy the mod in the game folder again; it might help. If not, turn off practice and quali.
    Personally, I haven´t any problem with the mod.
  4. Turned off practice and qualifying and the game CTD's before it loads. Shame