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1999 Le Mans 1.0

67th 24 hours Grand Prix of Le Mans.

  1. Silvestr Edl submitted a new resource:

    1999 Le Mans - 67th 24 hours Grand Prix of Le Mans.

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  2. Mod crashes everytime i go into race, Works fine in practice or Qualifying, soon as i click "Race" be it on the track added with mod or a SimBin track the game CTD. I removed Mod and everything works. So there something not right with the Mod but what i got to see and do, the mod has potential.
  3. Try to reinstall the game and then copy the mod in the game folder again; it might help. If not, turn off practice and quali.
    Personally, I haven´t any problem with the mod.
  4. Turned off practice and qualifying and the game CTD's before it loads. Shame
  5. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.