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Cars 1998 Australian Super Touring Championship 1.1

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97 submitted a new resource:

    1998 Australian Super Touring Championship - Super Touring Cars

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  2. You probably know this already but Cameron Mclean BMW and David Auger Alfa need the later style bumper. Also missing Searle Toyota, Dodd Accord, Elias Lantra but this is probably because those cars were never released ;)
  3. i noticed a small mistake, the #37 405 actually had #38 in 1998.

    you can see it here at 3:30

    great pack otherwise, thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:
  4. This is awesome. Although for some reason all the BTCC 2000 cars have made their way into the car selection and I can't figure out why :mad:
  5. only a minor niggle: windows are swapped on Jones' and McConville's Audis. easily solved by renaming the files. apart from that, great job!
  6. I will release an update soon which will include 3 more cars and some fixes;)
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  7. I can't see the cars and file size is really little? Am I need something to download first? I have all of the DLCs except STCC 1.
  8. You need to have the supertouring reloaded v1.25 from AndreasFSC in order for this skinpack to work;)
  9. Do you mean "super touring reloaded '98 1.0" or "AL super touring seasons 1.2.5"
  10. Super touring seasons. I changed the name from 'reloaded' to 'seasons' when expanded the mod with the simulator tha simulates seasons and more models :)
  11. Thanks I downloaded it you guys are great I love this game so much and I just realized it has mods
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  12. Cameron Mclean himself has seen this mod... think he liked it! :thumbsup:
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  13. Any idea when you may release an update with the wheels and talents sorted? Love this mod, especially with my aussie track pack :D
  14. As above :p
  15. The new version of the astc 98 will bring a lot more than expected.The update will include the following changes
    1)Correct front bumper for alfa 155 and bmw 320i
    2)Talent files done by Simon Gardner
    3)Addon cars(Claude Elias Lantra,Roadchill Express bmw,Graham Dodd Accord all done by Simon Gardner)
    4)Interior windows for all cars by Michael Ford,Simon Gardner and me
    5)Repainted toyota carinas with the aap car redone by Simon Gardner
    6)Ron Searle camry(carina skin).The skin was originaly made by Remus Racing for F1C and converted by me
    7)Repainted Peugeot 405 skins by Simon Gardner
    8)Fixes on the skins by Simon Gardner
    9)A new menu button(not sure if i'll make one)
    10)Orange blinker lights for the 318 bmws

    These are the changes v1.1 will have.:)Hopefully i'll upload the new version on the weekend
    Also a little note the lantra is the fake-lantra i've made and used in the bathurst skinpacks to come;)
  16. I've done the Ron Searle skin on the JTCC Toyota Corolla for GTR2, just need to finish the windows.
  17. Cool so the camry will take a little longer as there are some issues to be fixed on the corolla.I will also use it in the other skinpacks as a camry
  18. Markano97 updated 1998 Australian Super Touring Championship with a new update entry:

    Major Changes

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