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Misc 1997 West McLaren Mercedes 1.00

1997 mod

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  1. That's great! I really wonder if you can do the same thing and add the Marlboro livery to the engine cover and rear wing of the Ferrari? I'm really new to F1 modding
  2. that one going be a bit tricky 1997 Ferrari is base on F399 car so engine cover is easy but rear wing need time to hit jackpot okay
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  3. Hm, that's okay, it will be great to see because I rarely see a Marlboro livery on a Ferrari when people create a classic mod. I'll greatly appreciate it if you do ;)
  4. I will let you know when I finish it

  5. Okay, I'm looking forward to it
  6. hi Ray5 I just letting you know about how it going
    first thing engine cover it going sour because Marlboro mirror on the other side but and I replace with Black like bar-code and rear wing can't do anything
  7. No, it's fine if it's mirrored, it will look okay, about the rear wing, whatif we just use the same base, the same place as F399? I saw a 2003 mod in F1 2013 and they put the livery on the rear wing, do you think it's possible?,
  8. Hi JIH.webtel92, I'm sorry if it's much to ask, if it's not possible to add the livery on the rear wing I think we just leave it blank, it will still look nice