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Misc 1994 Mod_Final_Part 1 1.0

1994 Mod

  1. doc303 submitted a new resource:

    1994 Mod_Final_Part 1 - 1994 Mod

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  2. Seems, the faces have not been touched. Let's be honest: I wouldn't do it, too :D
  3. You just have to replace the dss files of the faces. Of course other than Schumacher all driver face must be edited but that's too difficult to do.
  4. I'd say that's just something most people don't think of. I personally couldn't care less, I usually skip all the scenes where you could see any faces.
  5. hey if someone of you will do the faces do it - i will not -
    painting the hole season was hard work enough
  6. esse mod no meu pc windows 8.1 eu instalo o mod mas quando abro o jogo ele fecha antes de inicia