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1994 mod Minardi loading garage paddock

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by doc303, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. here comes the 94 Minardi loading garage and paddock
    Beta Version Screens

    1994 Minardi_1-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_2-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_3-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_4-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_5-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_6-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_7-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_8-S.jpg 1994 Minardi_9-S.jpg
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  2. Where is this file loading garage (first screen)? I changed my garagepack file, but when loading game the garage is the same...
  3. i dont remember,but should be a folder with a name has a link with loading screen.

    Doc303 you dida amazing job so far, keep your good work, 2 week remaining!!!
  4. hey Silver Benz i will look to correct it

    thanks to Schifty :)
  5. I'm afraid you misunderstood... Maybe in you the work could be a perfect, but i'm asking for myself where is this file for a loading game, becouse its not the garages folder. I changed the garage file, but when i loading the game i saw the old garage view... May be its padock team pack file...

    See your screens, doc'... The first and the last screen are different files, i have the last (ingame) but have no the first (loading game)...

    EDIT. I think its padock team pack. ;) In it i have no changes and thats the reason...
  6. i´ts in the frontend b_loading_ (car name) ;)
  7. LOL thanks i never think of it. :)