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1994 mod Benetton loading garage paddock

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by doc303, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. here some work pictures

    94_Benetton_2-M.jpg 94_Benetton_3-M.jpg 94_Benetton_4-M.jpg 94_Benetton_5-M.jpg 94_Benetton_6-M.jpg 94_Benetton_7-M.jpg 94_Benetton_8-M.jpg 94_Benetton_9-M.jpg 94_Benetton_10-M.jpg
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  2. i think the benetton loading garage and paddock are ready

    Screen_Benetton_1994_1-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_2-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_3-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_4-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_5-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_6-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_7-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_8-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_9-M.jpg Screen_Benetton_1994_10-M.jpg
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  3. i made a new trailer layout

    1994 Benetton_trailer.jpg
  4. Great work!
  5. thank┬┤s !
  6. looks really beautiful :) like all your work :) Thank you ! :)