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Cars 1987 ford sierra cosworth rs500 1.20

Includes stock RS500, Group A RS500 and drift version

  1. ESP=EWE= submitted a new resource:

    1987 ford sierra cosworth rs500 - Includes stock RS500, Group A RS500 and drift version

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  2. is this different to the model by "akis" a few threads down from this one?
  3. Yes its an updated version..

    I posted it as Akis was stuck at work and the download speeds on external hosting was atrocious.

    Will see if I can get the threads combined
  4. 1989 BTCC underway









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  5. good work.........!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the great car, one question, no matter which setting I use for steering strength, the car seems to steer itself in corners? Is this normal?

    Cheers, AussieStig
  7. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member


    If you need any data? Just shoot. :)

    I can measure the weight of the tire cap if you need it. :p

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  8. If there is a value that I can change in an ini, please let me know?

    Cheers AussieStig
  9. we're working on an update as we speak.

    I'm not aware of any setting
  10. OK mate, thanks for the reply. Good luck with it, I appreciate the work and effort. On personal note, I am really happy to see a Dick Johnson liveried car in AC, watched him race many a time growing up. Cheers, AussieStig
  11. Version 1.02 has been released and has been updated.


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  12. ESP=EWE= updated 1987 ford sierra cosworth rs500 with a new update entry:

    1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 (including Road car, DTM, Group A & Drift versions)

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  13. Hello there is some fix or workaround to drive this baby in 1.1.2 ac version?
  14. we are working on it...Sadly I cant even get 1.1.2 of AC to work yet..

    I hope to post an update shortly
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  15. im getting problem with blue, black and white I think it said, also I cant use on the monte carlo stage?
  16. bump any one?
  17. Not sure what the issue is with mote carlo but I have fixed the issue with the black, blue & white cars and will include that int he update
  18. Yeah its nothing to do with the track its the car mod being outdated, but that's brilliant news your updating it, ive been getting to grips with that car
  19. I used the 1988 skins and it shows in the 360 showroom OK. but when start the race, it doesn't load and crash... This is a very good Mod of the Cosworth and I enjoyed it so much before the AC updated... :(
  20. Patience is a furtue my friend, this is my favourite mod to date, We will soon be driving this mean machine rather soon I guess
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