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Released 1987 Dodge Omni America

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Harey, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. I will be honest this little thing has been about 95% ready for release for a while. I finally ended up doing that extra little bit to get it out.

    So I give you the 1987 Dodge Omni America, equipped with a 2.2l 4 cylinder with either a 5 speed A525 manual transmission or the A413 3 spd Torqueflite automatic trans. All you have to do is swap around the car.ini's that can be found in the raven_variants folder, along with a good selection of colors each with their own shader to give them a more unique touch to each color.

    The body itself I modeled myself, interior and 2d gauges are done by Silver (All interior gauges do also work), the wheels were modeled and textured by EAP3D, and the radio was done by Foxo. I'm sure some of you are wondering where the GLH-T and GLH-S are, they're coming I promise, they require a little extra work beyond the regular Omni though. Anyways here's some pictures then the download link (on my OneDrive).


    DOWNLOAD (1.1): http://1drv.ms/1u2lKei
    1.1 - fixed vehicle ride height, changed some values in the pacejka (doubt its accurate still), added in a collision model, fixed shader for red paint, changed the rear side marker light to red, was orange.
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  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    thx for the omni, öhm...i'm no expert of this sort of cars, but is it a perspective thing or is you suspension a little high?


    here are some more...

  3. It is probably sitting too high, but never really noticed, not sure if its the fault of the suspension or the fault of the tires/wheels, or both. I'll look into it at least.

    Edit: I did find the thing was sitting too high as well as other little issues. New version in first post.
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  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX dude!
  5. Thanks for sharing this, always good to see scratch made content.

    I checked it out in RC10 and have to say it created a lot of qlog messages, around 70kb worth. Part of it has to do with the newer betas being stricter in terms of parameter as well as comment formatting, but most messages have to do with missing or misplaced car.ini lines. The vehicle would really benefit from a freshening up in this area, before looking all too deep into handling and performance specifics.

    First impressions on that topic was that lateral grip is exaggerated at nearly 1.2g on the skidpad, while longitudinal grip levels were more reasonable. Any further testing would have to be done after car.ini has been brought up to date really.

    Visually, I think that the bump mapping shader isn't working right now, because the normal maps lack specular info in the alpha channel.
    The rim shader is quirky as well, turning the metal flat black when shadowed.
    The sidewall and tread joint of the tyre isn't matching up, there are visible holes between them.
    It would be nice to have the matching pedal setups modelled for the manual and automatic options too.

    Regarding the packaging of the vehicle, try enabling texture compression on .tga files - folder size goes down dramatically that way.
    If you have a situation where the paint options for the vehicle body are controlled by a uni coloured tile, the most efficient way to deal with this is to leave the tile one shade (pure white for example) and adjust the colour via car.shd ambient and diffuse instead. That way you don't have to copy & paste both a texture file and the shader for every change.
    I would also suggest putting the readme file into the actual car folder and not a level higher, in the archive - if people extract straight into data/cars, the readme file is going to get overwritten or lost eventually.

    Looking forward to an updated version :)
  6. I tested it in RC4, so kinda my bad on the Qlog's that it produces in RC10, I will look into it though. And the handling could be due to a pacejka that is more guess work, then any hard facts P165/80R13's are not exactly a common size of tire to use lol.

    The bump mapping I honestly could just turn off, as its just on the seats, and even when working right doesn't do a whole lot. And the wheel shader could be quirky because of that RC4 and RC10 difference, as it actually looks decent in RC4 (again something I will look into).

    And as for the packaging, in hindsight i probably should of just used different shaders, and kept the car a uni colored tile. I also put the readme outside of the car folder so its up front for people to be able to read, but I can stick it in the car folder too. As for the pedals idea, we'll see, it would mean either using generic models or having two separate body models.