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1980s Mercedes-Benz 0305 - urban bus

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by mbw13, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Had some spare time so decided to revisit a project. Permission to convert and release was given a couple of years ago. However, shortly after completing the original conversion, my hard drive was wrecked due to a lightning strike on a lamppost outside the house. So I had to start from scratch....

    Original model by Denis Dolgushev, made for GTA San-Andreas.
    Car.ini file by Miura from Bumper's Leyland Leopard, slightly modified to suit the smaller bus.
    The only things I can take credit for is the baked texture, texture file / paint scheme creation, sounds, and the conversion bits and pieces in general.


    7-Zip archive.

    Background Info:
    Popular around the World, the 0305 also was released in 'bendy-bus' form. In New Zealand, the engine, transmission and wheels were the only parts imported from overseas. Under license, the body was built to resemble something similar to that from Europe. I rode these buses as a child (1980s) and it wasn't until around 1999/2000 that they were taken out of urban service, due to new regulations about low-floor accessible requirements etc. There are many surviving 0305s here still being used as school buses. For the record, there are NO regulations for school buses in NZ. As long as they have a COF (certificate of fitness) and are road registered, they're fine! :) For example, the school bus I rode in at age 5 is still being used by the school I now teach at (http://tinyurl.com/44zzoba)
  2. The bus in your mbw13 screen look very nice. But at me in Racer 0.8.8 and 0.8.6 this bus looks this way:



    mbw13 - you will do, by more late update of it bus, version to older Racers?
  3. hey mbw im having trouble accessing that skydrive link do you have an alternate link?
  4. ZATRACERDUDE - Here you go mate http://www.filedropper.com/merc0305 Let me know if this doesn't work. In which case, I'll email you the file :)

    Poorwich - sorry about that, I'm using Racer 8.2 which I think is old now... The shader file uses CG shaders, however attached to this message is a new shader file for the non-CG user.

    Open car.zip, extract the car.shd file into the Mercedes0305 folder. I haven't tested the non-CG shader, so I'm not sure if it will work or not. It should do as it resembles a very basic shader setup from pre-CG Racer versions. Any problems, I'm happy to help.

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  5. That's pretty cool to see they're still using these oldies in service - I wonder what the kids are thinking about them compared to newer buses they might see in town?

    Anyway, thanks for the release Mike, it's looking fine in v0.8.34 as well:
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I recognise the truck in the background too :D

    The kids have never commented about the school bus - as long as their buddies are riding along with them they're happy. The modern low-floor urban buses do not have sufficient ground clearance to work on our particular school bus run, which is out of town on gravel roads, sometimes the odd flood or two to drive through.
  7. I see Kamaz! Where can to get it?
  8. It's an older WIP Mike had sent over before his electrical issues I think - I thought he might be happy to see it's not been forgotten either. If you want to see it released, tell Ruud to get a move on with proper AWD, support for more than four wheels, realisic wheel collision detection... otherwise this would be just another wannabe offroad cripple like the H1 I'm afraid ;)

    I guess this is a typical case of "they just don't make them like they used to" - modern buses being quieter, perhaps more frugal and easier to use, but they can't get round a bit of dirt road. Good thing the old ones are holding up fairly well.

  9. I'm very pleased to see somebody is using the KamaZ :) I happened to stumble across the Kamaz backed up on a data stick so thankfully I didn't loose that one. I still have the UAZ 3159 as well.
  10. great bus mike. Can I transform it to LHD?
  11. Sure thing mate :)