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Cars 1980 Honda Prelude [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by A3DR, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. A3DR submitted a new resource:

    1980 Honda Prelude - DEMO car

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. i imagine this is like that thing that the guys on the forum suggested where the demo is a version with older physics builds. regardless thank you for this, makes it very tempting to buy now(have to wait till next payday, boxing day sales were brutal)
  3. Thanks, no problem. It has the same physics, except for the collision wich is wrong on purpose, but should drive the same. Won't be updated in the future, either, only the full version.
  4. I'm really tempted to buy the full version. What are the main differences between full/demo version?
    Will the full version have a racing version or something like that?
  5. Hello A3DR,
    there is something wrong with the demo: there's no sound and the cockpit textures look terrible.
    Also, rear lights don't work.
    Is it intentional?
  6. I'm having some trouble adding a credit card to my paypal account. Have you got any other payment method not involving paypal
  7. Hi ! I buy this car..and link for download wrong, 0 mb file ...
  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Works just fine for me, 51.4 mb
  9. i get no sound
  10. For people having no sound ...
    I had to fix it myself...
    You need to edit the GUIDS.txt and it needs to look like this (just copy/paste and replace everything) =>

    {89205e7b-00f6-4d89-8a24-c31e25bcbae4} event:/cars/prelude_demo/backfire_ext
    {b272e7d3-b816-475c-9c91-c68941687fa7} event:/cars/prelude_demo/backfire_int
    {80ffd126-3faa-42a4-a5e3-8a28939c5122} event:/cars/prelude_demo/bodywork
    {f6e8d407-f079-4adf-87ea-a19cd35a8fe7} event:/cars/prelude_demo/door
    {e39f1adf-2308-4fca-9b7e-d5f3c87a7311} event:/cars/prelude_demo/engine_ext
    {c4c4f84c-dcf8-4dbf-a034-929c9da894a6} event:/cars/prelude_demo/engine_int
    {3cf1aa1c-545e-4e70-ae2c-0173fc388cf4} event:/cars/prelude_demo/gear_ext
    {7bda64b8-2d49-4367-a7f4-5effb5657595} event:/cars/prelude_demo/gear_grind
    {eb14d386-fb33-454a-9477-9b4914d823bd} event:/cars/prelude_demo/gear_int
    {b5cc8952-07cf-415d-86eb-03ff9d6bbd15} event:/cars/prelude_demo/horn
    {d5fd1611-3b72-4f91-8828-f1b453f1e028} event:/cars/prelude_demo/skid_ext
    {49a6e0eb-9bf1-49b7-92f0-f348f35395ad} event:/cars/prelude_demo/skid_int
    {7466a916-8402-4968-9b88-7afb7b9ae361} event:/cars/prelude_demo/transmission
    {54e4d335-ad27-4f8d-b5d5-a41e1caa063c} event:/cars/prelude_demo/wheel
    {f0905c1f-85e2-4479-aba1-16976d35495e} event:/cars/prelude_demo/wind
    {08f6ba78-f576-4f9f-a232-47657d5fec19} bus:/
    {378981f8-2b16-4f5d-8911-bd454df05e6b} bus:/CARS
    {a5019ec0-6d9b-4e4b-b999-17d8383f1d84} bus:/common
    {449b1cf9-dc7f-46a7-87db-dc7fa76bcf85} bus:/EXTERIOR sounds
    {19c2aa16-2752-46c7-ad80-57f852200f35} bus:/EXTERIOR sounds/Skid EXT
    {ee0e6430-ba19-4c05-a201-d9c00f8fd1f7} bus:/Wind and Wheels
    {61e13a9c-887e-4b94-8d11-12ba197b6c22} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wheels (closed cars)
    {759fd77f-a073-4974-b3e5-21f706fa01b9} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wheels (open wheels)
    {4ce682d5-0cc5-4845-a6b5-eb8b073e2959} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wind (closed cars)
    {bb7998e4-68b3-45ea-9308-e015dde4ef11} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wind (open wheels)
    {4578a1b8-25a7-427b-a8d0-7fabacb9a10e} vca:/backfire EXT
    {3fe51a61-de17-4b62-9d20-1526a20d3aa2} vca:/backfire INT
    {a657fc05-b25c-4111-8dd1-c0dadbb5205e} vca:/Engine EXT
    {1207f2b6-7aae-4912-8b2b-ec4d1471a201} vca:/Engine INT
    {ceff60c4-5f22-4a80-af70-28cc1ca91c32} vca:/gearint_H
    {eed6d155-e23d-4589-a2fb-2d5cc4165ba6} vca:/gearint_paddles
    {08cd60e5-84a9-4953-813f-bdbe54f1e710} vca:/gearint_stick
    {c8749f27-6fd7-4c67-8641-32c93aa8d3d8} vca:/limiter
    {317feda0-c8e9-4f54-845d-ce0491ea1be4} vca:/surfaces
    {e18b58af-e0c3-4595-80af-aabf0908701d} vca:/transmission
    {ba82f681-7ba4-44c9-a8a7-e7dc95d453d1} snapshot:/Exterior Reverb
    {8550e327-e647-4676-98f3-d2dc08f782f4} bank:/prelude_demo
    {47dcf37a-6a8d-4ef6-9f82-2e0398fa69f9} bank:/common

    Also, make sure the bank is named prelude_demo.bank
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2015
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  11. Hi guys, sorry I didn't catch up with your messages yesterday.

    Main differences are that the demo doesn't have all the features that the full car has, like high res textures, skins, animations, collision, etc.
    No racing version for now, just stock low hp car fun :)

    I'm not sure what's the sound problem, but the textures yeah, they're low res on purpose, they're 4096px on the paid version.

    Sorry but I don't have any other means of payment for now.
  12. Sorry to badmouth your labour of love, but yeah, I just do not buy the physics. If you take Lambo Countach for example or even the F40, Yellow Bird etc with their suspensions, even they have more body roll in the corners. Just watching the replay of your beautiful Prelude around Magione - it looks wrong, especially compared to any Kunos's car.
    I understand that you've used real life measurements, but something in the suspension code just does not work imho.
    But yeah, great work, and now that I found this thread, I'll delete my "bad review" :) Cheers!
    PS Oops, it does not let me delete the review - sorry :( But I'll write a better one next time :)
  13. Hey, no need to feel sorry for sharing your thoughts. In fact, I took them into consideration and made some adjustments.
    If you bought the car you'll receive the 1.2 patch through email, otherwise check out the new demo version (0.7) and let me know what you think.
  14. ok so i payed to u 2Dollars..... AND NOW WHERE IS MY LINK!!!!!?????
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  16. Hotfix coming tomorrow, completely reworked suspension based on magazine tests from the era.

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
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