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1977 Toyota Cressida JZX30 Shakotan Drifter (Beta download available)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by fsr, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. fsr



    Hi guys. Figured I could share my latest project, as I probably won't be working more on it for a while.

    Basically it's not a project made for anyone but myself, as it's a true replica of my daily driver. I'm using it to try out different wheels and to get an idea of how it will handle. It turned out pretty damn fun to drive though, so I want to share it with you guys to get some feedback on the physics. It's current specs are simply a 2JZ-GE swap, soft racing suspension (my real car will have Tokico HTS), welded diff and semi slick tyres. The suspension geometry is based on Cosmo's AE86 suspension, as it's basically the same.

    I hope you guys will like it, and not go on about it not having interior, brake lights etc. If anyone wants to help out, feel free to post your updates. I'd be happy to provide reference pics etc. if any of you guys feel like making the interior :)

    - Body and textures by FSR
    - Physics by Cosmo┬░ and FSR
    - Sound by Racing Line Developments

    Download: http://racedemon.com/downloads/jzx30.rar
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  2. fsr


    Oh, and I forgot to mention that it comes with a bunch of old school wheels in the folder. Just change the wheel name in the car.ini and car.shd to use them. You may also use the wheels for your own projects as long as I am credited :)
  3. Awesome car! Can you or someone else make a non-Cg version? Thanks in advance.
  4. fsr


    Shaders could use some work though...
  5. Very fun car to drive, thanks! ;)
  6. Thanks fsr.
  7. very good car, sounds right and handles good! please keep updating it :)
  8. Thanks fsr & all who contributed !!!
  9. can you tell me how did you make it?
  10. thank you :)
  11. Also use Brent Burton's DOF exporter in the download section which is included in the link by Radome if I remember correctly.

    Damn senior moments.
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  12. Congrats on your appearence in Motortrend! :D

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  13. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Awesome stuff FSR, that Cressida is looking great :)
  14. Joyfull car behavoir! Feels very good in curves. Thanks for that one :)
  15. I really like the sounds, one of the better sounding ones I heard in a while for racer cars! :)
  16. Haha, cool video! I didn't see that posted.

    I just want to make a snowy frozen lake now haha... hmmmm...

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  17. I know this is old, but! great car and I want to drive it! Is it a way to downgrade it for Racer 062? My PC can't handle newer betas that this :(