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Released 1926 Ford Model T -- Beta

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Harey, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. After a little while of not touching the Model T I've had from Bumper, I decided I should release it in beta form. Currently there's the Coupe and Tudor (I have the Fordor as well, just haven't put it in Racer as of yet). Powered by a 177 cubic inch 4 cylinder, with a 2 speed planetary gear transmission behind it. The Tin Lizzie was best known for putting America on wheels, and sometimes wrongly credited with being the first automobile built on an assembly line (Ransom E. Olds was building cars on the assembly line first in America). Built between 1908-1927 the Model T was produced in many different body styles (most famous is probably the 4-door touring body style). Initially costing $825, and eventually going down to $360, and due to its low cost Ford ended up building over 8 million examples of the Model T.

    Currently the coupe and Tudor only come in a single color. They do have lights. As well as a crazy control layout. I only wish I could of used the clutch pedal for its right use. Download links below.

    Download: Tudor

    Download: Coupe

    Below is the control and proper driving technique's for the Model T, this can also be found in the readme included with the cars.

    A - throttle up
    Z - throttle down
    gas pedal - brake pedal
    brake pedal - reverse pedal
    ctrl - low gear
    space - to operate the "handbrake" to make it possible to go into high gear

    How to drive the Model T;
    -Low Gear Operation;
    This is probably one of the most confusing cars to drive in reality, and the limits of Racer do not help with making this any easier. Press and hold CTRL to put the vehicle in Low Gear, then press A until you're at a sufficient speed.

    -High Gear Operation;
    While still driving in low gear, press the SPACEBAR, to set the handbrake to the correct position, press A to increase speed and rpms. Then let go of CTRL, and decrease throttle with Z as necessary.

    -Brake Pedal Operation;
    If you haven't figured it out by now, the brake pedal, is not actually the brake pedal. When you want to come to a stop press Z until the throttle is at its idle position then press (counter-intuitively) the gas pedal), and when appriopriate shift the vehicle down to low by pressing and holding CTRL, and then pressing SPACEBAR. Once you are going slow enough shift the vehicle in Neutral by letting go of CTRL.

    -Reverse Gear Operation;
    You're brake pedal is actually the Reverse gear pedal on a Model T. Once you have come to a complete stop, press and hold the reverse pedal, and then increase the throttle by pressing A. When stopping while reversing make sure to decrease throttle to idle position, then press the gas pedal to stop the vehicle.
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  2. Thank you for getting her ingame and working so nicely, Harey!

    For those of you wondering why it isn't a very high-detail model: It wasn't originally intended for Racer. It was meant to be used in Mafia 1 as a part of a high-quality car pack.
  3. Thanks for sharing, Bumper and Harey!

    Despite the beta moniker it would have been nice to have a clean qlog. Other than that, good job Harey - neat folder structure, compressed texture files, clear and informative readme and of course the control scripting is a great detail.

    The A and Z keys are more convenient on a US keyboard layout than they are on other layouts and Ctrl is used for ingame telemetry, so there's a bit of overlap. Users can change the inputs easily, but maybe keep that in mind for future versions.
  4. The Qlogs I get at least (I'm usually in RC4, so newer versions may give off other Qlog errors) were ones I've never been able to figure out how to fix. The informative readme was almost a must for the control layout, which I felt I needed to have to keep the authenticity of the Model T. I mean how boring would it be to be driving the Model T as a normal car, when you know they actually have a fairly crazy control layout. Again only wish I could of actually used the clutch pedal for its intended purpose (this would of omitted the need for the ctrl key being used)

    Didn't think of that to be honest, I know there are other keyboard layouts out there other than QWERTY. The scripting was actually developed between me and Stereo, not sure which one of us picked out the control layout either, not that its a big deal of course. I'll make sure in the future to include script files that can be swapped out for non-QWERTY keyboards.
  5. Absolutely, part of the simulation fun is trying to recreate the experience, not just the numbers. Scripting is still too restricted, as you mentioned with the clutch control limitations, but at least it's a step up from the old days where I would assign two reverse gears, so that dogleg transmission layouts would give me the right shifter movements XD Maybe we'll get more options with the Panthera scripting features eventually.
  6. Half the problem is too much was assumed/hard coded in the old Racer system.

    Remember in the very old days Racer had to set front wheel drives as wheels 2/3 because they were hard coded to be the driven wheels :D

    I like it when you get a car like this that kinda works like the original did. I'd still really like to see scripting be able to influence/pick up controller inputs too, so we can then detect gear change inputs, or use our pedals as the correct ones as per real life in this kinda car :D