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19" Triple Screen 1280x1024 for $50? Buy it Yes? No?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mark Oates, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. OK, i found someone selling 4 screens. 19" / 1280x1024 / 8ms / 75hz all four screen for $50 bucks.

    I have a gtx 970 so technically i can run all 4, but that take a lot of space, and places a bezel in the center. Here is my questions. I currently run a 23" / 2048 x 1152 / 60hz / 5ms screen. If i scale that screen down to 2048x1024 couldn't i run the 19" on the sides and use a single display size of 1280+2048+1280 or 4608x1024?? If i can.. is it worth doing? I know that Softh wont work with assetto corsa (only race sim i use currently), and I would have to use a single screen resolution in assetto corsa... so not bezel correction.

    I suppose I could also just run the three 19" screen and set the 23 aside and roll with 3840x1024 . Thats about 1792 wider thant just the 23" inch display. Would that be worth it since assetto corsa would allow screen bezel adjustment when i set it to triple screen?

    what do you all think? worth giving it a $50 go?
  2. Only worthwhile if you want the experience.

    Here's why *I* wouldn't do it:
    1) Different models of screens have different brightness/contrast/color reproduction, so you'll be distracted by that.
    2) 3x19" is a very tiny window into the sim, so you can't run a realistic FOV.
    3) Pixel count needs to match if you turn them on their side... 1152 h on main screen <> 1280 h on side screens, even if the dimensions are the same.
  3. @Emery thanks for your input, i appreciate it. Here is what Im thinking now. From a "where I am" to "Where i could be" point of view...

    I live here... 23" 16:9

    I could live here 3x19" 15:4

    i give up some on the height but wouldn't i gain a bunch on the sides? Its certainly not sexy, and nowhere near 1:1 but wouldn't this better than where I am currently?
  4. You give up a lot on height. To have same vertical FOV, you'd have to pull the monitors 5" closer (do you have room for that without bumping into the steering wheel?) and the lower resolution would become more obvious.

    You can get an idea of the effect by decreasing your current vertical FOV by 5 deg.
  5. Baddog

    Premium Member

    All i will say is triple screen is fantastic and next to impossible to go back
    I used to run single 24" then upgraded to triple 27" and wow !!!! Now when i use my other pc with single 24" i lol to my self and wonder how i ever used to race on 1 screen ( no offence single monitor people !!! :) )

    Using go pro on my head lol
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  6. Gerbuho

    Premium Member

    I would easily pay $50 to try. And if you don't like it, you can always find another guy willing to pay $50 for the monitors. ;)
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  7. I did go ahead and grab them, as @Gerbuho said, i can always sell em. Not sexy, (@Baddog has sexy)but they work. Color calibration is proper but for one, and its only slightly off and livable as a spare if i ever need one. Running practically full settings at average 85fps. No surprise with lower res screens. Dont seem to be bothered or miss the height difference or the resolution that much, FOV ends up being bigger because I can actually see. Technically, I can actually fit the same FOV as seen below on my 23, perhaps even more, but its so small after the dashboard and cockpit eat into the picture that its not usable. To drive even decently, I had to run with a FOV just about the size of the center screen below. I wasn't hating it, i was fine, but this looks better to me. I also played briefly with angling the side screens, but i dont think thats gonna work out... but ill set them all up properly since i am about to leave on vacation. Then ill get them off the floor and properly set them up.. Perhaps then ill change my mind then... who knows. But as of now, seems like a well spent $50.
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  8. Baddog

    Premium Member

    Now you will want bigger monitors lol it just never ends this damn hobby !!
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  9. OH how deep the rabbit hole can get.....