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16.110 At Bristol In A SK!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by John Martin, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I am just 1/10 of a second off 15.9. Done over 200 laps of practice since I got my wheel yesterday. Now if I could just quit getting loose half way down the straight and eating the wall I would be ready to race. Running consistently 16.2s
  2. I'm just a smidge faster than you. Best lap is a 16.010. Seen guys running 15.6's, and just cannot figure out how.

    You're doing a lot better than I did with just 100 laps, though. I think I did 200 before my 'breakthrough' that got me to the low 16's. This track...frustrates me.;)
  3. I'm ran that wide open... At Bristol!
  4. How'd your race end up? I qualled second in a low split and got passed by early on...ended up in seventh, I think, but a spin ahead of me put me back in fifth. Spent what seemed like a huge chunk of the race chasing the guy in fourth before finally passing him. He fell back rapidly after hanging with me for a lap or three...I suspect he nudged a wall and lost some speed because he got overtaken by someone else I never even saw eventually. Whoever that was I kept a 4-6 second gap on for the rest of the race.

    Was a remarkably clean run. No incidents for me, and I didn't see many cars flying off the track. Didn't expect that at Bristol.;)
  5. Haven't raced yet,but will tonight after I get back from the race track. Just ran a 15.976 in practice. You have to have some balls and car control, and hold it wide open no brakes either. Out of 16 laps the slowest was a 16.222 the rest were mostly 16.1s and lower.
  6. I hit a 15.996 in a practice session not long before I raced, but it was pure fluke; I haven't been able to replicate it yet. Some of the fast guys (15.6-15-8) seem to be lifting very, very slightly in the corners when I watch replays...I broke 15 like you did, going flat out, so I'm not quite sure what they're doing.
  7. Most likely running a looser setup. I am pushing just ever so slightly