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Skins 12h Bathurst 2014 Shane v. Gisbergen McLaren GT3 2016-10-09

epic chasing on the Mountain

  1. I made the ui_skin.json file, but not sure how to do the livery.png.
    Edit: I found a Darrell Lea logo in png format, renamed it and added that to the livery map I made (2014-Darrell_Lea). All works fine.
    So the skin is now at 4,5 stars ;-) --- (don't have the car number on the logo yet)...
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
  2. many thanks! How can I get your efforts?
  3. This is the ui_skin.json file I made to go with the car:

    "skinname": "2014 - Liqui Moly Bathurst 12h - GT Tour",
    "drivername": "Shane van Gisbergen",
    "country": "New Zealand",
    "team" : "Darrell Lea",
    "number": 37

    Compared to other skins, there is a "priority" missing too, but I have no idea what the use of that is.
    The logo I am using is the one on this site: http://www.bridgemall.com.au/business-directory/121/darrell-lea-chocolate-shop/
    I named it livery.png and just added it to the skin file (which I named 2014-Darrell Lea)

    All working fine in AC and CM.

    Tbh: I don't know much about all this, just figured it out for myself because I did not like the warning sign in CM...LOL
  4. thx. My son [11] and me looking forward to Bathurst 2017, meanwhile we're looking youtube videos with the fantstic commentators guess from radio lemans