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12 points of view (POV) from camera by zuber84cool

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by zuber84cool, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. if you do not mind can u upload in mediafire??? :thumbsup:
  2. Link added mediafire;)
  3. Zuber84cool, inside the file there is nothing
  4. I'm sorry, my mistake, a new file and new link added.
  5. Sun


    Still nothing :/
  6. Can i use this cam with any other car?
  7. The new link, now it must be ok.
  8. There are not, every car is different. Every car camera point of view will be different and probably will be bad work.
  9. Thanks, now if
  10. Sauber

  11. anyway you can make these cameras for the williams?
  12. Tomorrow I find time I will be
    working on this.
  13. Which one is used when cockpit is selected in-game?
  14. If I understand your question, it in-game camera in the cockpit is on the fourth screenshot from the top.

  15. great work , THX !:thumbsup:
    Have you planned this cams also for the other cars?
  16. Thanks, of course, plans are :) , but I have too much time.
  17. I guess you mean you don't have much time?
  18. Exactly;)
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