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10_VE.hdv and 10_FG.hdv mismatches

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Steve Pearce, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Just got to hosting our race tonight and 3 people (so far) have had a problem with mismatches with the above 2 files. We've sent over the files that are on the server, and also on machines of those who have got in no problem, but it still keeps giving them this error.

    Two of the guys have raced with us before, one is racing for the first time tonight. There have been no changes at the server end.

    Does anyone have an ideas what might be causing it?
  2. Are they all using the same upgrade? Do you remove the trackconfig.ini file from the server? And if so, do these players also do the same? These are just the first things that come to mind
  3. Hmm. We did remove the trackconfig file the other week, though im sure one of the drivers who had the mismatch was at that race and had changed the ini file. Il look into it though and let you know.

    What do you mean by upgrade? In the Vehicle menus?
  4. Yeah. If the server is running a fixed upgrade and the users dont have that installed I have seen it cause issues sometimes (but not always ....... computer voodoo)
  5. The Trackconfig has been known to do this.. Try adding it back on the server and all players
  6. One of our members at Fair Dinkum Gamers made a Trackconfig file that addressed the problems of not being able to select different gear ratios and also allows for Sprint and Control tyres to be changed whilst in a game server, (without having to leave the server and return)

    Both the server and client must have the file installed otherwise the HDV mismatch will be a problem.

    Here's the Trackconfig he made.

    [link removed] This file is zipped up and needs to be decompressed first

    [MODERATOR EDIT: Sorry FDG Stitch but I'm afraid posting a link here to a file modification that will cause mismatches is a definite no no. The locked diff and tyres are not a problem - they are a deliberate feature to make each season historically correct at each track. You can direct users to your website if they are going to race on your servers with the modified file.]

    Thanks to FDG Goanna


    Also remove the original completely from your rFactor install.

    Simply renaming the original does not seem to work.

    The game still seems to find the original Trackconfig

    For the 1.1 version the file may need to be renamed to TrackconfigV8SC11 and placed into the V8Factor11 folder.

    The trackconfig file needs to be installed at

    If it does not want to replace an existing file you are probably installing to the wrong directory. (unless you have already removed it)
  7. having a V8 Unleashed FG ,VE,HDV mismatch or track config on multiplayer only

    V8factor10 rfm also mismatch only on multi player have DX7,8,9 drivers updated maybe i try 8 with detail turned down ?
    any one throw there 2cents in
  8. maybe the other servers havent updated yet but the ones with v8fu unleashed 2011 has updated
  9. May be that you have a different version of the trackconfig file to the server, or they have removed this file from the server and you still have it. Try renaming this file to .bak (and do it with all trackconfig files) and see if that fixes your issue.
  10. iThankyou for the help and i figured it out there are 4 different types of series 2011,2010,all season , and community

    i was able to get online and race last night with no errors . Luv this mod thanks ORSM for the beautiful cars ,and cockpit detail
    very nice... thanks racedepartment !