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100% distance races: AI's strange pit stops.

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Camacho, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Hi everybody!

    I have started to run 100% distance races but I got strange AI's pit stops.

    For example this morning in Silverstone, my engineer aims me to do 2 pit stops but I have won the race with only 1 pit stop. Everything is good for me but every AI car have done 2 pit stops so I finally have won the race with a lot of calm and tranquility because I have around 20 seconds of advantege. It's strange because my tyre wear has not been excessive so I have no reason to do 2 pit stops and consequently the AI don't need to do 2 pit stops.

    Yesterday in Valencia was the same: I made 1 pit stop less than the AI so I won with a great advantage.

    Does anyone know why happen this? And the most important thing, is there a way to adjust AI pit stops?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and help!;)
  2. Nobody has the same issue?
  3. I think there is no way to adjust AI pit stop strategy.
    Probably they are coded in exe. I understood that For Super soft tire AI uses 2 -3 laps less than Full tire life like if the SS gives 12 laps Max then AI can go for 9 or 10.
    Then Soft for 3 to 4 laps less and Medium for 5 to 6 finally hard for 7 to 8 laps.
    That is the reason AI always pits more where as we can push until the end.
  4. That's right. The engineer always propose a number of laps for the tyre that is less than the real life of them. So normally you could do one less pit stop than the AI so you have a lot of possibilities to win the race.

    A moment ago I have finished Hungaroring race. AI have done 4 pit stops but I have won the race because I have made 2 pit stops. I don't know what to do. This situation is frustrating. I win all the races without real difficulties.

    What's the solution? Do I have to make the default pit stops strategy to compete with the AI in equal conditions...??

    Every car make the same pit stops, there is no different strategies. What a shame...:(
  5. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    The only thing i can suggest is to turn up the AI or drop some assists (if you use any). If you already compete on Legend and win the races by doing less stops than the AI then you should join a league and test your pace against other real drivers. The AI can be forced to concede some of the corners in this game very easily, but real drivers are another story ;)
  6. I really tried to fix the strategy but the Game calculates the wear for default.
    The only thing we can change is the Tire life and Front and rear tire wears for teams . How much wear you establish in that section would only make things easy for you.
    Apart from that nothing can be changed :(
  7. It can be even worst: In Spa, the engineer propose me a 3 stop strategy (¿?) Soft-Soft-Hard-Hard. According to the tyre life in tyre menu with 2 stops it is more than enough (I can do the race with 1 stop, I'm pretty sure...). But surprisingly the AI is going to do 3 stops!!! They are going to do 14 laps with the hard tyres. This is grotesque! In practice I have done 16 laps with hard tyres and the wear was 60%, so I could have done several laps more; maybe 25-30 laps, I'm not sure.

    So finally I'm going to do 3 stops with the wheels almost new. Because otherwise I'm going to win the race again with relative ease.
  8. AS i said If i decrease the Tire life the Problem will be raised in Tracks like Singapore and Korea where the SS and S lives for 20 to 25 laps. So i didn't decreased that.
    So if you want to do change any thing open the RDE and Decrease the wear of Front and Rear for each team and see what AI will do i think they will pit atleast a Lap later than they are now.
  9. First of all, how can you at all do a 1 stopper.
    I always need to pit atleast 3 times.. My tires are gone in 12 laps or so and then i'm struggeling for grip maybe 16/20 laps depends on what track.
    Then i'm starting to slip and slide all over the place.

    In real life they can do 50%+ of a race with 1 set of soft tires.