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100% Career Races?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ferrari248F1, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Ok so I finally signed with Ferrari and I wanted to get a "real" F1 driving experience by setting the game to Long Race weekends and 100% race so my problem is that during the 3 Practice and Qualifying sessions my car handles about the same as when i had the races set at 30% but when I start the actual race my car is handling really bad doesn't feel like im driving an F1 car more like a bus around Bahrain. I mean by the time the race starts isn't the track fully rubbered in therefore allowing more grip? anyone else experience this? Ps All assists off Pit setting Manual and AI is Legend, Gearbox Manual
  2. If you are driving with fuel sim turned on, your car is a lot heavier than you experienced in practice. So unless you did some laps in practice with full fuel, you should expect your car to handle different in the race. But where this game fails is that with fuel sim turned on you start with a heavy car, but your AI opponents have empty tanks and they can lap at the start of race at their qualifying speeds. Why the makers of this game did this is beyond me. I give this game 1.5 thumbs up when you are driving in the cockpit, but it gets two thumbs down in regards to it's AI.
  3. Thanks for clearing it up for me man:D I see the logic behind ur explanation. And I agreed with u the AI sucks in this game:p