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Misc 10% plus grip 10% grip


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  1. Can you make a 10% or 15% one
  2. I appreciate your work with this mod grid 25%, but I notice that everything is greatly accelerated's like watching the game with fast camera; some time ago created a mod with various percentages of F1 grid for 2013

    could create minor settings? 10 or 15% of grid to test

    thank you
  3. Dexter


    i'ts car too fast... please make 5% - 10% max
  4. I can't warming my tyres on the race. rear tire are light green color. Why? Help ;]
    And 25% grip is too much.
  5. 10% grip will work best for most of us i thing 25 % is just too much ...can you please make 10% grip mod
  6. which values do i have to chance to increase the grip? i want to edit the database for myself
  7. THX!
  8. Last edited: Oct 19, 2014
  9. thanks!
  10. Presumably it's for people that don't like the rear end sliding around.
    If you find the AI too fast you don't need a mod, just lower the difficulty! :p
  11. Im happy the way it is.. but wouldn't traction control solve that problem?
  12. How did you edit the .XML files? EDE won't work, even with its schema update.
  13. how do i install this? and is it fair online?
  14. just add the last year grip mod work perfect
  15. No change. Does'nt work at all for me. Instead this mod for 2013 was perfectly working. Can you do it better?
  16. I don't have a problem with the grip, it is the rate of wear on the tyres compared to what I believe (as in F1 2013) is AI with no tyre wear and scripted pit stops, so that every time you get close to pitting, AI who is also due to pit but are still putting lap times in as if they are on their 1st lap. This means that as you get closer to the last lap, the guys behind you are closing the gap more and more, even if you are not making any mistakes.

    "gabbynaru" last year put in a huge amount of work on a great "reduced tyre wear" mod for F1 2013 which worked wonderfully. It won't work in 2014 but I have taken the database changes that he made (hope you don't mind Gabby) and have been tweaking them to suit the 2014 cars with some pretty good results (I think)