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Misc 10% Less Grip 1.0

10% less Grip - all surfaces, cars, weather and tracks

  1. jason_peters submitted a new resource:

    10% Less Grip - 10% less Grip - all surfaces, cars, weather and tracks

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  2. Can you try reduce the 80's car sliding on tight corners?
  3. Hi Jason I just try it and I think that AI cars are not affected by this change. I try it in Australia and they are getting same times as before. I run 100% races. I'll test it more, this is just first impression
  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Is it at all possible to decrease the grip only in wet weather?

    It's way too grippy in the wet.
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  6. Does this in any way effect the Understeer because the last game was a Joke with My CSR Wheel went through about every Flash there was and still felt terrible in the Corners?
    It would be A shame to have an understeer issue but Sounds like a Great Mod:thumbsup:
    I will test it out Later and Leave a Review;)
  7. and have more grip than we do?
  8. is there a way to decrease only the speed and the grip of the gravel and, most important, the grass? (its like running on tarmac)
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  9. So this mod affects player AND ai?
  10. Yes it affects both but I think it affects more player than AI
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  11. Right now i don't know if the game is way too fast or is my gtx TItan that's making it so fast in a negative way. it seems like i'm watching fast forward replays of F1.
  12. Do you know how to remove speed limit out of the track? I really hate it.
    Thanks :)
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  13. does this work online? i seem to recall they patched this last year so people couldn't (typically) exploit it to add grip instead of removing it for realism...
    would be great if we could use this online. the grip levels are just stupid.

    and yes, removing the slowing effect off track would be great... as would removing the new wheel shaking graphic effect.
  14. jason, which programs do you use to open / edit / save the xml file?
  15. Yes I hate this distracting nonsense..
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  16. Dmitry Sorokin

    Dmitry Sorokin
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    У вас очень хороший мод! Но это так тяжело! Мы должны думать о том, как сделать его дополнительной: износ Шин и ошибки в боты.
    Then it will be a success! :)
  17. Hi

    You need to edit it with a hex editor - I used HxD Hexeditor
    which u can get from here - www.mh-nexus.de
    its free :)
  18. This can be done yes --- if I get time I may do over the w/e
  19. what values you have changed? I would like to do more simulation like rFactor. and what software can I use?