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10` BPM A275 R

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by AMGfan(BPM), May 5, 2010.

  1. The bpm`s best seller is back. Now with new padronize of bpm R line, new rims, brakes, transmission, engine, interior details, FC parts, another good things, and a little face-lifted body.

    Many thing got from Booster R, the inspiration of sure. The engine isnt the same for obviously reason, it is a hot hatch, not a monster. BTW you can find a funny engine inside. The old one used to has 1.6 16v with supercharger, 270hp@7000rpm and 90 % torque only available in high rpm. Now it has the new 1.4 16v in line 4 (petrol or ethanol, bifuel), the same paxton supercharger, the same power, but the torque is available in low rpm. The performance data is 0-100kmh in 6.4s and top speed is 255kmh.



    mirror: http://www.filefront.com/16369295/bpm_a275_r.rar
  2. Brilliant little car, didn't drive it yet but looks even more fun then the old one. And I did love the old one, was great to drive.
  3. I see you like Sutoko C1, a track I reworked with good billboards!
  4. brilliant track boomer.
  5. Have a look at the center of gravity section. There's an extra closing bracket before it, so it doesn't work. Roll centers are off too, I doubt they're supposed to be that low. Reflections on the windows inside can be very distracting, especially with live envmap. At least with the latest Racer versions, it bottoms out a lot on Nordschleife. A collision model and maybe bumpstops would help with that.

    This would be fun if it didn't have so many bugs..
  6. just tested it around Taupo drives great excellent car .. post more later
  7. how can i fix it mate?
  8. This car reminds me of a chilli.

  9. Changing the interior glasses faces material is one. HA'
  10. My R font is called "Chiller"

  11. i wont fix this one, but i will fix it in my cascada
  12. Ha ha nice one...much better than the first one...However it`d still get it`s ass kicked by the top of the range 2.4 diesel version of the facelifted model due out some time this year...

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  13. hmmm facelifted looks a lot better... may i do something on it after :D
  14. Fixing the bugs brought some new problems, so it was easier to change the ini myself. Changes:

    - Fixed center of gravity and roll center heights.
    - Modified spring and ARB rates to match the changed balance. Ride height is a bit higher to give the suspension some room to work.
    - Added bump stops and changed collision box to prevent bottoming out.
    - Disabled the different rear pacejka values. Why would you put wide rear tires on a front wheel drive car? It still understeers a bit too much.
    - Adjusted brake force and balance.

    Also, here's a pic of what the windshield looks like with live envmap and HDR. I fixed it by commenting out both layers in shader_glass.

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  15. In folder "White Rosso" red color

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  16. LOL, thanks miura, gonna try it.

    about color, delete please. it has no option of another color
  17. ok I'm in ... took a short spin for practice, shezz that cars got less traction than a snail on heat hahaha a bit more practice is needed to bring it under the five minute mark I've got it down to 6 minutes on my first two laps at least and that's with many mistakes, good track and car though this is going to be fun