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1 or 2 stops? Advice please.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a question for ppl capable of lapping consistant over 100% distance. (tyre and fuel sim on)

    Q - Can a 2 stop stragedy be quicker than a 1 stop? ie.. longer race time on Options.

    I have a 100% no assists race on Sunday with some friends in our championship and am thinking of gambling on 2 stopping (not done so before). Im thinking that running 2 stints on options could possibly outweigh the time lost in making 2 stops over 1. It will be at Turkey so this will be taking into concideration the short length of pit road too.

    I would experiment but im not going to run 2 practice 100% races to figure it out in preperation for the real event lol.
  2. It depends on the tracks, some tracks do seem to be harder on tires than others, it also depends on how much faster you are on options compared to the primes. On some tracks for me it's half a second difference, on others it's a second or more.

    Turkey is a track where it could be worth a gamble to two stop, the options do wear out very quickly on this track, the difference between prime and option lap times is significant and like you say the pitlane is quite short. LAstly, it also depends on traffic - if you stuck in traffic you'd want to pit early, but will you filter into traffic if you pit?,... For that latter reason I'd say not to fully commit to a two stop from the start but see how the race evolves
  3. Yes your dead right about traffic. The guys i race with are notoriously hard to pressure and get passed at the best of times hehe. I might give it a shot as like you say the difference in speed between options and primes around Istanbul Park is quite substantial. Take turn 8 for instance. The difference between options and primes around that corner can be upto half a second alone!

    If a mod could create DRS for me on Xbox that would be great :)
  4. Someone in my league done a 2 stop at china (only 75%)

    He came 2nd just behind me. But he was clearly the fastest driver.