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1,700 second penalty bug

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by SwaggerJacker, May 20, 2015.

  1. I just received a 1,700 second penalty for cutting the pit exit line. Thing of it is, I hadn't even taken control of the wheel. Worse still, I received a drive through penalty for jumping the light. Car must have been rolling ever so slightly. I didn't notice. I could live with the jump penalty, but a 28hr penulty. LOL Too funny!

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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    These kind of silly bugs are the reason we are running without flags and penalties all week in our events.
  3. Yeah, this one was a bummer, because we had some evenly matched drivers swapping paint, two abreast in the corners. At least three of us were about to battle for twenty laps!
  4. You're talking club races? If so, could you guys provide some video, so others might get interested. On hollidays for this week but i'm getting my palms sweaty already.
  5. I'm a member of a group Named "OTG" (Original Tough Guys). One of the members, "Nocturnal" usually invites me if I'm logged in. He's a great racer; clean racer. We usually have some very good races. We do, however, still get the douches from time to time. Club would be the way to go.:thumbsup:
  6. Yea, as far as i remember AC club races, it was fun (even driving at the tail end of the race). The only problem was the first corner where many tried to win the race, but this was settled after a month or two. And you know where and what you're gonna race so you can prepare for it...
  7. Also look into ESR (Eat Sleep Race), a lot of the members hang out here. We mostly drive R3E, but i'm sure PCars will be run as well. Add me as a friend on Steam. "Swagg" is my handle.

  8. I have gotten a few 30-50 sec penalties.. no idea how
  9. ESR is great...mostly R3E...I suck, but a lot of respect with the small group. Look forward to all the events.
  10. 28 minutes and 20 seconds, actually. ;)
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  11. Good catch!
  12. Ha, just 1700? I was over 1800 :D and according to THIS thread it can go over 2200.
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  13. Good to know I wasn't being discriminated against! LOL:D