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05 Motorsport - 2011

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Steve Davis, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. After experiencing mixed results in its "toe in the water" inaugural season this past year 05 Motorsport are now looking at securing experienced & motivated drivers for a revamped & serious attack on the 2011 season.

    05M is an experienced outfit that competes extensively within the Race2Play league as well as competing in Racedepartment & ERL Endurance events along with several other leagues including GRC & TPTCC.

    Offering seats in both World Series & World Trophy divisions these positions offer the potential candidates the opportunity to help consolidate & develop a race winning team as well as offering the path to a potential 2012 World Championship program.

    Our headquarters are located at www.05motorsport.com

    All interested competitors can contact myself either by way of the Racedepartment PM system or by email at 05motorsport@gmail.com
  2. Positions still available for the upcoming 2011 season...please apply as directed in above post.
  3. 05 Motorsport now have 4 x WT drivers ready to the test the 2011 FSR mod when it is released this month & are now looking for suitable drivers to fill vacancies in our World Series team.

    Please apply as directed in above posts.
  4. 05M are now in need of 1 x WS driver to complete our Team for this upcoming season.

    To date we have signed 4 x WT drivers,1 x WS driver & a highly experienced OW test driver.

    If you feel you would be an asset to our team & are motivated towards the opportunity of a 2012 World Championship program please contact myself as directed above.
  5. Driver required to complete our highly experienced World Series team entry.
  6. Due to a late change in team structure 05 Motorsport are now looking for a talented team player to complete its second World Trophy Team entry.

    The successful applicant will not only have a burning ambition to help develop & nurture a team with limited FSR experience but will also be a team player deviod of an ego &/or the need to experience immediate success off of the backs of others talents & abilities.

    However if you have decent pace & are committed to a regular testing program,supplying feedback to team mates & developing your own abilities whilst having some laughs along the way please contact myself as mentioned above.

    Happy racing & good luck to in 2011
  7. Team now complete.