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04-06 seasons

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by aussiedano, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. just wondering how you guys are going with the 04,05,06 seasons for v8fu?
  2. Holy crap. We just delivered 2007,8,9 and 12....

    We are good, but not that good
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  3. sorry mate no push that wasn't my intention loving the 07-09 retro seasons and im eager to see your next retro installments but patient sorry if offended you love your work.
  4. slowy but growy that's what counts - just take your time we're packed already.
    thanks for what we have already.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. :D :D :D
  7. geez guys lift your game :p
  8. No Offence taken... I had to have some comeback to your comment though he he he
  9. :0 sb great comeback ;) (not)

  10. Now I'm kinda upset, in a not upset kinda way....
  11. Hey Team ORSM Still Loving this mod i have racked up so many hours in these cars its crazy just wondering how the 04-06 seasons are going?
  12. Hohoho, after I've watched some videos of the 2004-2006 seasons, it does make me feel the urge to drive these selected seasons' liveries. LOL!

    So... BUMP :p
    Still Loving your mod but have noticed its has been a bit quiet in these forums lately are you guys still going or on a break? and if so i was wondering if the plans to release the 04-05-06 seasons are still alive or dead? last i knew the skins were near completion but i havn't been game to get on here and keep asking about them because i don't want to seem ungrateful knowing how much work has gone into what you have released so far.
    thank you again and i look forward to your response.
  14. I'm going to leave most of that to SB to answer but I will tale you that I've been getting pressure from ChaosF1 to finish the 2012 series rounds. I have all the psd's for them and Chaos is working on his. So I guess the 04 to 06 are still on the list but not as priority ATM. I have 04 and 06 here. Not 05. I need to look at how far along they are and still need to go through SB and Krunch. I do think their not ready for that tho.
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  15. Doug62 What about the painters that contributed some late 12's Wouldn't it be good to have more workhorse in ORSM stables for the ponies :p I'd assume you might get up to 3 people for paintjobs if you actively search for them as they appear as they come.
  16. Nice to hear the late 12' is still on the cards. I've had a go trying to do some of the late season skins and while I've released several and still got some on the go, it's still a fair way short of being the complete 12' season. We all appreciate the time and effort you put into the all the skins.
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