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Tracks 01rouen-les-essarts_rtb(wip) 2016-07-02

rouen les essarts pour asseto corsa

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  2. I'm downloading it now, but I feel compelled to comment that in the sample video, the driver is handicapped by a setting for speed sensitive steering that's at too low of a number; the steering is way too responsive.
  3. It looks like gamepad gameplay
  4. Steffen Lauge Sorensen

    Steffen Lauge Sorensen
    Premium Member

    I have done a few laps on this track and it feels a bit wide en some areas. The "Virage du Nouveau Monde" looked more like this: 9513239158_11481dac20.jpg
    Look at this video from 1962:
    it can give some ideas about the track! :)
  5. Coming from this thread. http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/maj-02rouen-les-essarts-2016-rtb-wip.123549/

    I'm really confused, why are you attempting to make a modern version of the long-closed Rouen-Les-Essarts with modern barriers and energy drink ads everywhere instead of attempting to replicate the historical circuit? I'm sorry to say but from the videos and images this doesn't look like Rouen-Les-Essarts. Good luck for your mod though.
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  6. simply because I do not seek to reproduce the historqiue the circuit, I took the picture google map 2016 ,RACETRACKBULDER then the program is not finished and not full so any object is not available . to the pub I would change can be, and if my work does not please, take a version of an old game, and recompiled version asseto corsa! thank you!:)
  7. I wanted to know why you're doing it the way you do, not that you don't make a historic version. Maybe it's just the language barrier...
    And yes, it doesn't appeal to me - but I can still ask you, can I not? I'm just interested why you seek out an amazing historic circuit to mod, choose to drive a great historic grand prix car to present... a modern interpretation of said circuit that doesn't look anything like the actual circuit did. I mean hey, do whatever you please - and as I said, good luck with the project. Just don't understand your thought process behind this.