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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by bristolstokie, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. I'm getting a bit impatient now and I need to be working on my latest track in the next few days to make sure I get it finished in time for it's planned first use. Has anyone managed to open a track saved in Beta with or Is it possible and what are the steps if it is?

    I am a licensed user of BTB and plan to use this as a temporary measure so I get some work done. Using the old licencing method I apparently have one left but I plan a system upgrade very soon after I finish this project (in a month of so) and don't want to waste that. It's a long time since I used the old licencing method so is it working atm? do I have to request more when they run out? and will that be a problem considering Brendon does not seem to be about anymore?

  2. If I good understand, you must have 2 licenses and if one was expired you can used second.. I never make license more then 2-3 month. Or is critical last way - you must find pirate version :(
  3. Thanks for the help. My beta license is working again now so I can finish my project in that. Seriously considering trying to use different software next time though:thumbsup: